LG Tribute Empire Fortnite – LG Tribute Dynasty – Compatibility Test

Both the LG Tribute Empire & Dynasty comes with a Mediatek MT6750 1.5 GHz Octa-Core Processor & Mali T-860 GPU. It’s a mid-range processor and offers decent performance while gaming.

The most sought after games for every android smartphone are PUBG, Pokemon Go & Fortnite. In this post, we are going to download and install Fortnite on LG Tribute Empire / Dynasty.

Let’s check out if these 2 phones are compatible with Fortnite or not –

Fortnite for LG Tribute Empire/Dynasty – Is the LG Tribute Empire Compatible with Fortnite?


To download the Fornite apk we have to use the Mobile Browser.

I’m using the Chrome browser. I searched for the term “Fortnite Download” as shown above.

The first search result takes us to the official Epic Games website.

It says we can get Fornite on the Epic Games App.

Let’s download the Epic Games app.


Chrome asks for permission to download the files.



The EpicGamesApp.apk is downloaded.

Now, I’m installing the apk file.

The Epic Games installer is installed. Let’s open it.

Oh no. It’s bad news. It say’s “DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED”.

It requires Android Oreo and at least 4GB RAM. We’ve fulfilled one criterion but failed in the other.

Let’s try to install the modded Fortnite apk on Tribute Empire. It skips the device check.

LG Tribute Empire Fortnite Modded apk Installation

I’ve downloaded the Modded Fornite apk and I’m going to install it via the File Manager.


The apk file is “Fortnite_Latest-signed.apk”. I got this apk from the xda forums.

We have to enable “allow unknown apps” to proceed with the installation.

Unfortunately, the installer gives this error – “App not installed”.

I even uninstalled the Epic Games Installer, it still throws the same error.

We are out of luck. LG Tribute Empire & Dynasty are not compatible with Fortnite as of now.


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LG LM-X320PM Unlock Boost Mobile LG Tribute Empire / Dynasty

LG Tribute & Tribute 2 were CDMA only phones. Since Tribute 5, every Tribute model offers CDMA + GSM compatibility. However, by default, these phones are locked and can be used on the GSM network only after unlocking.

In this post, we are going to learn how to Unlock the LG Tribute Empire lmx320pm & Tribute Dynasty SP200 using a free and paid solution.

How to Unlock LG Tribute Empire lmx320pm / Tribute Dynasty SP200

1. LG Tribute Empire / Dynasty Unlock Code

The first thing that you should keep in the mind is that none of the CDMA + GSM phones can be unlocked using an unlock code. If someone claims that he can unlock your Tribute Empire / Dynasty with a code he is lying.

There is no provision to enter an unlock code.

LG Tribute Empire Unlock Free

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LG Tribute Empire vs Royal vs Dynasty – lmx220pm vs lmx320pm vs sp200

The nomenclature of the recent tribute series smartphones gives a feeling that they are the flagship devices. What comes to your mind after hearing Dynasty, Empire, and Royal? However, in reality, they fall at the bottom of the ladder. LG Tribute series offers budget smartphones with the bare basic features.

In this post, we are going to find whether the latest entrant in the series, Tribute royal is a true successor of Empire or not. Whether you should upgrade from Empire or stick with it for some more time.

First of all, we are going to find out the differences and later one we are going to cover the similarities between the 3.

So, Let’s start with the differences –

Difference Between LG Tribute Empire, Tribute Royal & Tribute Dynasty

LG Tribute Empire vs Royal vs Dynasty
LG Tribute Empire, Royal & Dynasty – Front

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