LG Tribute HD Screen Overlay Detected – How to Turn OFF / Fix

Android marshmallow has a feature which allows an app to draw (overlay) over another app. For example, i installed a health app called twilight on my LG Tribute HD, which changes the background color to reduce eye strain and to get a good sleep. So, as I allow it to draw over other apps, it works in the background along with any other running app.

While Twilight was running, I tried to install and run another app called “Floating Apps”. Floating apps also need permission to draw over other apps. The overlapping of 2 apps requiring screen overlay access resulted in this error “Screen Overlay Detected”.

However, this a temporary issue and can be fixed by temporarily turning off screen overlay access for “Twilight”(or some other background app in your case). Once the installation & setup of “Floating apps” is complete we can turn on screen overlay access for “Twilight”.

Let’s see how to do this with the help of below screenshots –

 How to Turn OFF Screen Overlay on LG Tribute HD

You can see I’m in the process of completing the setup of a newly installed App (Floating Apps)

Its stuck at a point, where I’ve to grant permission to “Enable drawing over other apps”.

You can see the Error pop-up “Screen Overlay Detected”.

The error is due to the  “Twilight” app running in the background as visible in the notification bar.

So we’ve to temporarily turn off the screen overlay access for Twilight app, by tapping on “OPEN SETTINGS” as shown above.

From the list of apps, I selected “Twilight” and turned off screen overlay i.e “Permit drawing over other apps”.

Now I went back to the “Floating Apps” setup and I was able to complete the setup without any interruption.

“Enable drawing over other apps” permission is granted and I can move ahead.

Now, we can again Turn ON Screen overlay for Twilight. There won’t be any more interference between Twilight & Floating Apps.

To do this go to Settings < Apps.


Open “Apps” and hit the “3 dots” icon on top right corner.

Tap on “Configure Apps” to open it.

Select “Draw over other apps”

Scroll down to “Twilight” and open it.

Tap “Permit Drawing over other apps” to turn on Screen Overlay for Twilight.


In my case, “Screen Overlay Detected” error was due to the Twilight app. You’ve to detect which app is running in the background and do the needful.

If facing any issue, feel free to leave a comment below.

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