LG Tribute Dynasty Screen Replacement Cost, Kit & Guide – SP200

LG Tribute Dynasty is the 5th Tribute series phone after LG Tribute, Tribute 2, Tribute 5 & Tribute HD. Sprint’s LG Tribute series offers budget smartphones with bare minimum features.

They fall in the price bracket of $60-$100. In this price range, a Gorilla Glass is quite difficult to offer. As a result, the Screen is susceptible to damage even with a slight fall. The same is the case with the LG Tribute Dynasty. You should always use it with a Case and Screen Guard. However, if your screen is already damaged then the screen needs to be replaced.

There are 2 Scenarios –

  • In most of the cases, the Glass breaks but the Touchscreen still works. In such a case you would like to spend on the outer Glass Lens only. It’s cheaper than an LCD but more difficult to replace.
  • If the impact is severe it could damage the Touch Screen Digitizer and/or LCD. In such a case we need to replace the LCD assembly.

In this post, we are going to deal with both the scenarios one by and repair a broken Tribute Dynasty Glass on our own. So, Let’s proceed with the Troubleshooting –

How to Replace the LG Tribute Dynasty Screen

LG Tribute Dynasty Screen Replacement cost depends upon the replacement kit you purchase. There are 3 types of replacement kits. Let’s check them out one by one –


1. LG Tribute Dynasty Outer Glass Lens Cost

LG Tribute Dynasty Screen Replacement Cost

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