LG Tribute Empire Dark Mode – How to turn on

The Dark Mode on LG Tribute Empire is like a Dark Theme with a Black Background. Some users prefer Dark Theme over the light one. The earlier versions of Android Upto ICS offered Dark background which was changed to white in Android Lollipop.

On your Tribute Empire running Android Oreo, we can easily enable the Dark Mode in 2 ways. Let’s find out with the help of the below screenshots –

How to turn on Dark Mode on LG Tribute Empire

We can turn on the dark mode by activating the maximum mode or by enabling the High Contrast screen.

First Method – Maximum Battery Saver Mode

LG Tribute Empire Dark Mode

Open “Settings” either from the home screen or by hitting the “settings icon” in the notification panel.


Dark Mode lg tribute empire

We are now in Settings.

Hit the “General Tab” and select “Battery” as shown above.

Now click on “Battery Saver”.

lg tribute empire maximum mode

There are 2 kinds of Battery Saver Modes – Extended & Maximum.

For Dark Mode, we need to enable the Maximum Mode.

You can see the Maximum Mode doubles the battery life as compared to the normal mode. Refer to the above screenshot.

Tap “Maximum” to enable this mode. It says to save battery, “phone performance will be reduced and some features will be restricted”.

When the confirmation pop-up appears hit “TURN ON” to enable dark mode.


In the Maximum Battery Saver Mode –

  • Vibration is disabled
  • Wifi, Bluetooth & Location Services are restricted
  • Background activity & Data is restricted
  • Maximum Brightness is reduced to 80%
  • Frame Rate is reduced

Tap “Edit Mode” if you wish to change something.


You can bring in some changes in Maximum mode as per your requirement. Any change is going to affect the rated battery life.

As long as the Battery Saver Mode remains enabled, it shows up in the notification bar.


This is how the Dark Mode looks like.

Even the Keyboard theme is changed.

To disable Dark Mode, Go to Settings < Battery < Battery Saver  & tap “Off” as shown above.

Second Method – High Contrast Screen

There is a second way to enable the Dark Mode on Tribute Empire.

Open Settings < General Tab < Accessibility as visible in the above screenshot.

On the Accessibility page, Select the first option i.e “Vision”.

Now look for “High contrast screen” and tap it to enable.

The High contrast screen disables Maximum Mode and the Current Theme.

Hit “TURN ON” to enable High Contrast Screen.


This Dark Mode looks similar to the Maximum Mode. The only difference is we don’t get an enhanced battery life.

To disable High Contrast Screen, Go to Settings < General < Accessibility < Vision and tap High Contrast Screen.


The Dark Mode in the form of Maximum Battery Saver Mode is more preferable and we get to double the battery life.


For any query related to an LG Tribute Device, feel free to leave a comment below.

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