LG Stylo 6 dual screen/ split screen /multi window /qslide pop-up

A computer allows multitasking. We can work on multiple apps at once & can easily switch between the running programs. Don’t you feel we should get the same functionality on our Android smartphone?

With the LG Stylo 6, we get to do this quite easily. There are 2 ways to multitask on Stylo 6. In the first method, we can split the screen into 2 and work on 2 apps at once.  The 2nd method allows us to run an app in the foreground in a mini-window format also known as a pop-up window or Qslide.

Let’s explore both the ways to multitask on Stylo 6 is great detail with the help of the below screenshots  & video –

How to Split Screen/Multi Window on LG Stylo 6

Gestures Mode – Stylo 6 Dual Screen

The default mode of navigation on LG Stylo 6 is using gestures.

lg stylo 6 dual screen

To run 2 apps at once in the multi-window mode, we need to get access to the running apps.

Swipe up your stylo 6 screen from the bottom and hold it in the middle as shown above.


lg stylo 6 multi window

The recent apps are visible in the tile format. Swipe horizontally to browse through the running apps.

Let’s use the chrome browser in split-screen mode –

Long-press the “chrome icon” and select “Multi window” as shown above.

lg stylo 6 how to use muti window

The upper half of the screen will be occupied by the Google Chrome app.

The 2nd app for the lower half can be chosen among the recent apps list or just go to the home screen and select an app.


lg stylo 6 split screen

I’ve selected a recent app “QuickMemo+” for the lower half of the split-screen.


lg stylo 6 multi screen

You can keep the split-screen at different positions as shown in the above screenshots.

how to do split screen on lg stylo 6

You can also use the multi-screen in landscape mode.

How to turn off split screen

how to turn off split screen on lg stylo 6

To turn off the multi-window mode, swipe up or swipe down the split screen borderline (all the way to the top or bottom) as shown above.

lg stylo 6 multi window turn off

There is one more way to close dual screen –

Tap the multi-window borderline and hit the cross icon as marked in the above screenshot.

For better understanding, you can check out the below video –

Using the Recent Apps Button (Square home touch button)

The easier way to do a dual-screen is using the square button on the bottom right.

To use the recent apps button, we need to change the navigation style from “Gestures” to “Buttons only” mode.

Learn how to restore the home, back, and recent apps button on LG Stylo 6 as per the below link –

LG Stylo 6 home, back & recent apps button – How to get back

lg stylo 6 recent apps button

Tap the square button as shown in the above screenshot.

The latest used app is the chrome browser. Long-Press the “Chrome icon”.

how to get split screen on lg stylo 6

Select “Multi window” among the listed options.

The app for the lower screen can be selected among the recent apps or from the home screen.

how to use split screen on lg stylo 6

I’ve picked the quickmemo+ app for the lower half.

We can use the chrome browser and quick memo app simultaneously.

how to split screen on lg stylo 6

To close the multi-window –

Tap the split-screen border and hit the cross icon.

LG Stylo 6 Pop-up Window / Qslide


lg stlyo 6 recent apps icon

To use the pop-up window feature for multitasking –

Hit the square button to view the recent apps.


lg stylo 6 pop up window

Let’s open the chrome browser in the mini-window format.

Long-Press the chrome icon and select the “Pop-up” window.


lg stylo 6 mini window

The chrome browser mini window is launched.

There are 3 options on the pop-window. We can either minimize, maximize, or close this window.

Let’s minimize the pop-up window. The minimized chrome icon can be seen above.

lg stylo 6 qslide

We can run multiple apps in the minimized form and switch between them.

lg stylo 6 multitasking

I’ve minimized the pop-up window of 6 apps at once.


lg stylo 6 pop-up screen

We can close a single pop-up window or all of them at once.

Just hold and drag the app icon drop it on the “Remove” option on the top.


How was your multi taking experience on LG Stylo 6? Please share your views in the comment section below.





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