LG Tribute Empire Hidden Menu LMX220PM / Dynasty SP200 Hidden Menu

In this post, we are going to unlock the secret hidden menu on LG Tribute Empire & Tribute Dynasty. They share the same hidden menu but the dialer code is slightly different.

Hidden Menu offers lots of testing and troubleshooting options we can be used to test the device hardware & software in case of malfunctioning.

Let’s check out the Tribute Empire / Dynasty Hidden Menu using the below video & screenshots –

LG Tribute Empire LM-X220PM Hidden Menu / Tribute Dynasty SP200 Hidden Menu

Launch the phone dialer on your LG Tribute Empire / Dynasty and enter the dialer code as per your phone’s model number –

LG Tribute Empire LM-X220PM Hidden Menu Code is 5689#*220# 

Tribute Dynasty SP200 Hidden Menu Code is 5689#*200#


In the Hidden Menu, there are 4 options which are Device Test, ORT Test, Factory Reset & Log Service. Let’s check out these options in detail with the help of the below screenshots.


To perform device test, Select “Device Test” < “SAAT” < “Service Menu – Manual Test” as shown above.

In the Manual Test list, the first test is the Auto Detecting Test.


a. Auto Detecting Item Test –  LMX220/SP200 Hidden Menu

The auto-detecting test can be used to troubleshoot issues related to the SIM card and SD card slot failure.

If there is no SIM card or SD card in their respective slots you won’t be able to PASS this test. In such a case, to exit this test press the 3 hardware keys together i.e the power key and the volume rocker keys.

b. Key Press Test

The Key Press Test can be used to test the hardware keys as well as the proximity sensor.

Press the power key and the volume rocker keys to test them.

Now, block the proximity sensor (above the display)  and unblock it to test it out. Refer to the above screenshot.



c. Display Check Test

In the Display test, the screen is turned all-black then all-white. This is an LCD test. We can look for bad pixels using this test.


d. Ring Test

If the LoudSpeaker on your Tribute Empire / Dynasty is not working, you can use the Ring test to troubleshoot this issue. During this test, the phone would ring even if it’s in the silent mode.

e. Vibrator Test

We can check the vibrator motor using this test. The phone vibrates at the highest intensity during this test.

f. Motion Sensor Test

LG Tribute Empire/Dynasty lacks Gyroscope Sensor (VR), but we can use the Motion Sensor Test to check the Magnetometer and Accelerometer Sensor.

First of all, we’ve to place the phone on a flat surface.


Now, Stand the phone vertically and finally horizontally as indicated in the screenshots above.


g. Loopback Test

We all know when an earphone is inserted in the phone the speaker stops working.

This loopback test checks the same thing. When AUDIO (via earphone) is on ON the SPEAKER turns off and when the SPEAKER is turned on the AUDIO is OFF.


You can refer to the above screenshots for a clear understanding.

h. GPS, Bluetooth & Wifi Test

Wifi and Bluetooth problems are quite common and a Troubleshooting test can be a savior.

You can see I’ve passed the test. The Bluetooth and Wifi Scans have completed successfully.

i. Touch Draw Test

The Touch draw test can help us in detecting issues related to touchscreen digitizer.

Initially, the Touch Panel is Tested automatically for any defects. At this point, do not touch the LCD.


Later on, we can manually test the digitizer by drawing over the touch screen as shown above.

j. Camera (Main) Test

There are 3 Camera Tests in the Tribute Empire Device Test Menu.

The first one tests the Main / Rear Camera.

Touch the screen to capture and photo and verify it.

k. Camcorder / Video Recording Test

The second camera test is a video recording test.

Using this Camcorder Test we can record and verify the video as shown in the screenshots above.

l. Front / Selfie Camera(VT) Test

The Final camera test is the Selfie or Front Camera Test.

Capture a Selfie and Verify it to clear this test.

m. USB OTG Test

LG Tribute Empire is compatible with USB OTG. We can connect hardware peripherals such as Mouse, Pen Drive, Keyboard, etc. using an OTG adapter.

Use an OTG adapter to connect a mouse or Pen Drive to your Tribute Empire / Dynasty and start this test.

You can see I’ve passed the “Storage Mount” and “File Operation” OTG test.


After the Device Test, the 2nd option in the Hidden Menu is the ORT Test.

I’m doing the Manual ORT Test.

Display On/Off Test

The Display ON/OFF Test is nothing but the Backlight Test. The display is turned on and off to test the backlight functionality.

Display Pattern Test

The second test is the Display Pattern Test. We’ve to set the test duration before starting the test.


Rest of the ORT Tests

The rest of the “ORT tests” are listed in the above screenshots.

You can see the tests are similar to the tests we’ve performed earlier. So I’m skipping these tests. You can use them for troubleshooting when needed.


The 3rd option in the Tribute Empire / Destiny Hidden Menu is “Factory Reset”.

This is just the same as the Factory Reset option found in the Phone Settings.

It would reset your phone to factory settings and erase your data stored in the internal storage space.



The final option in the LG Tribute Empire Hidden Menu is the “Log Service”

It keeps a record of Main Log, Radio Log, Events Log, Kernel Log, Power Log, fg-dump log, Memory Log, Pocket Log & Modem Log.


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