LG Tribute Empire Secret Codes LM-X220PM / Dynasty SP200 Dialer Codes

There is a huge list of Secret Dialer Codes for both LG Tribute Dynasty LM-X220PM & Tribute Empire SP200. Both Tribute Empire & Dynasty are available for Sprint, Boost Mobile & Virgin Mobile.

Except for the Hidden Menu Code, the rest of the dialer codes are common between the 2 models.

Let’s unveil the Secret Menus with the help of the screenshots and video as follows –

LG Tribute Empire & Dynasty Secret Dialer Codes – LM-X220PM / SP200

1. Data Menu (##DATA#) – LM-X220PM / SP200

There a common dialer code for Tribute Empire & Dynasty to get access to the Data Menu.

Open your phone dialer and enter ##3282# as shown above.

The data menu includes options related to Mobile Data such as APN Settings, EVDO, LTE, Browser, etc.

You can view the data but for editing, it may ask for the MSL / Service Code. You can obtain this 6 digit code from your service provider.


2. Debug Menu (##DEBUG#) – SP200 / LMX220PM


The next is the Debug Menu. It can be used for Debugging network issues related to Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, etc.

The dialer code for the debug menu is ##33284#

3. Diagnostics Menu (##DIAG#) – LMX220PM / SP200

The Diagnostic Mode on Tribute Empire can be used for CDMA programming.

It can be enabled without a service code.

The Diag Mode can be accessed by dialing ##3424#

4. LG Tribute Empire / Dynasty Forced Activation Code (##UPDATE#)

If for some reason you reason your device activation has failed on Tribute Empire or Dynasty.

You can Update the PRL forcefully using this dialer code.

The secret code for Forced activation is ##873283#


5. IMEI Code – LMX220PM / SP200

As Tribute Empire / Dynasty is a CDMA + GSM device the IMEI code works on it. The code reveals the IMEI as well as the MEID.

The Universal IMEI code is *#06#

6. Reset Brand Customization & Device Provisioning Parameters (##BRAND#) – lmx220pm / sp200

Use code ##27263# to reset the device provisioning parameters and brand customization to factory default on your Tribute Empire & Dynasty.

7. Sprint OMADM Hidden Menu (##OMADM#) – lmx220pm / sp200

The code to access Sprint OMADM Hidden Menu is ##66236# but it can be accessed only after entering the 6 digit service code.

You can get this code from your service provider. Its also knows as MSL Code.

8. Code to Reset the Network on Tribute Empire / Dynasty (##RTN#)

To reset the network settings on your LG Tribute Empire / Dynasty use code ##786# as shown above.

This menu also shows the device information as visible in the last screenshot above.

9. Special Code to Reset the Network on Tribute Empire & Dynasty (##SCRTN#)

There is one more Special code to reset the network on Tribute Empire and Dynasty.

The special code to reset the device provisioning parameters is ##72786#

This would reset the MDN, MSID, Slot 1 NAI & Slot 1 NAI Password.

10. System Error Log Code (##LOG#) – SP200 / LM-X220PM

The System Error Log can be accessed using the code ##564# as shown above.

11. Hidden Menu Dialer Code – LMX220PM / SP200

The last dialer code is the most useful secret code. It reveals the Hidden Menu on the LG Tribute Empire & Dynasty.

It varies according to the model number –

LG Tribute Empire LMX220PM Hidden Menu Code is 5689#*220#

LG Tribute Dynasty SP200 Hidden Menu Code is 5689#*200#

There is a dedicated post on LG Tribute Empire/Dynasty Hidden Menu which can be used to perform Device Tests for Troubleshooting.


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