LG Tribute Empire Root, TWRP & Bootloader Unlock – lmx220pm

I remember there was a time when I rooted my LG Tribute 2 & 5 in one click with the Kingroot app without using the computer and even without unlocking the Bootloader.

Unfortunately, this root exploit was fixed in the Android 6 Marshmallow Update. Since then, the only way to root an Android smartphone is by unlocking the bootloader, flashing TWRP custom recovery and installing Magisk or SuperSU flashable zip file via TWRP.

Let’s try to follow the same procedure for the LG Tribute Empire and find out if we can root this device –

How to root LG Tribute Empire lmx220pm

STEP 1: Enabling Developer Options

If you’ve not yet enabled the developer options on your Tribute Empire, follow this post –

How to turn on Developer Options on LG Tribute Empire

STEP 2: Turning on USB Debugging & OEM Unlock

Root LG Tribute Empire Boost Mobile

Once the Developer Options is enabled, we have to open “Settings”.

LG Tribute Empire Root

Select the “General Tab” and click “Developer Options” located at the bottom of the page.

Look for USB Debugging and enable it.


STEP 3: Installing LG Tribute Empire ADB Drivers & Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tool on the computer

lg lmx220pm root

Now we are ready to connect our phone to PC via the Micro USB Data Cable.

how to root lg tribute empire

Wait for the ADB Driver to install. You can check the installation status in the Device Manager on your PC.

If you’ve not installed the LG Mobile Driver on your computer download it from here

LG Tribute Empire Drivers

lg tribute empire custom recovery

To write the ADB Commands we are going to use Minimal ADB & Fastboot tool.

Minimal ADB & Fastboot can be downloaded from the below link –


I’ve downloaded and installed this tool on my computer.  After the installation is done, we have to launch this tool.

STEP 4: Booting the phone into Fastboot Mode for Bootloader Unlocking

lg tribute empire bootloader unlock

Minimal ADB launches the cmd command prompt window as shown above.

Use your computer keyboard to type the command adb devices and hit enter.

lg tribute empire boost mobile root

Have a look on your Tribute Empire Screen, when a request appears to Allow USB Debugging, approve it.


root lg lm-x220pm

Again type adb devices and hit enter

The connected device is visible under the “List of devices attached” with model number LMX220PM



lg tribute empire twrp

The next command to boot our Tribute Empire into Fastboot / Bootloader Mode is adb reboot bootloader 

After writing this command and tapping Enter the Tribute Empire simply reboots to normal mode instead of Fastboot Mode.

On a similar LG Model i.e. LG Aristo 3, I was able to unlock the bootloader using the same procedure. The model number of Aristo 3 is lmx220ma and it’s the same phone as the Tribute Empire with a different model number.

This shows that the Fastboot Mode on Tribute Empire is made inaccessible by the service provider which is Sprint in my case.

I’ve made a video on this as well –

As of now, there is no way to root an LG Tribute Empire. If we cannot access the Fastboot mode we cannot unlock the bootloader. Without unlocking the bootloader a custom recovery (TWRP) cannot be installed. Without TWRP we cannot flash the Magisk or SuperSu root file.

If someone claims that he can root your Tribute Empire he’s fooling you.


Let’s hope we get to root our Tribute Empire in the near future. At present, we are out of luck.


Please share your valuable thoughts via the comment section below. Feel free to raise any query regarding an LG Tribute Device.

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