LG Stylo 6 screen record/ does the stylo 6 have screen recording?

Taking a screenshot on LG Stylo 6 is quite easy. You just need to press the volume down + power button simultaneously to capture a screen. However, most of the time, a picture cannot tell the whole story. A screen recording can do a much better job.

So, how to screen record on LG Stylo 6. Unfortunately, there is no pre-installed app on Stylo 6 to do the same. The good thing is there are multiple screen recorder apps on the Play store that can do a decent job. We can even add a one-click shortcut in the navigation panel for instant screen recording.

Let’s find out how to screen record on LG Stylo 6 –

lg stylo 6 screen record

How to Screen Record on LG Stylo 6 lmq730


how to screen record on lg stylo 6

We are going to use the Google play store to download the screen recorder app.

Open Play Store and search “screen recorder”.

does the lg stylo 6 have screen recroding


The highest-rated screen recorder app on the play store is X Recorder by InShot Inc.

Let’s install and run this app.


how to take a screenshot on lg stylo 6

We need to give the screen overlay permissions to the XRecorder app.

screen record on lg stylo 6

Enable the option “Permit drawing over the other apps” to proceed further.

how to screen record lg stylo 6

Give access to the necessary app permissions. Hit “ALLOW” to do the same.

Tap the XRecorder shortcut icon on the right side edge of the screen.

how to take screenshot on lg stylo 6

Hit the Red record button to start the screen recording.

“Allow” XRecorder to record audio.

lg stylo 6 how to take a screenshot

Finally, tap “Start now” to begin screen recording.

You can stop recording via the navigation panel or power button. There is one more option, shake to stop recording. We need to enable this option in settings.



LG Stylo 6 One-Click Screen Recording

We can add a single-click recording shortcut button in the navigation panel. Let’s see how to do that –

how do you screenshot on lg stylo 6

I’ve installed the 4 most popular screen recorder app on my Stylo 6 – XRecorder, Screen Recorder Kimcy929, Vidma Recorder Lite & AZ Screen Recorder.

Out of these, Kimcy929 Screen Recorder & XRecorder shortcuts can be added to the navigation panel.

Let’s pull down the Stylo 6 navigation panel. We need to tap the “Edit icon” as marked in the above screenshot.

how do i take a screenshot on my lg stylo 6

Swipe up as marked by the yellow arrow, to view more icons.

Now, hold and drag the “Screen Recorder icon” and place it at a convenient location.

how to take a screenshot with lg stylo 6

I’m placing the “Screen Recorder icon” beside the “Screenshot icon”.

After placing the icon, hit the “save button” on the top-right corner.

how to screenshot on an lg stylo 6

In the same manner, we can add the XRecorder shortcut.

lg stylo 6 screen recorder

Now every time you wish to record a screen, just pull down the notification panel and hit the “Screen Recorder” or “XRecorder” shortcut.

You can also check out the below video for better understanding –


Best LG Stylo 6 Screen Recorder Apps

Let’s check out the features offered by the most popular screen recorder apps on Play Store.

1.  X Recorder

lg stylo 6 xrecorder

The XRecorder app settings can be viewed in the above screenshot.

We can set the video resolution, quality, and frame rate as per our requirement.

screen recorder for lg stylo 6

For a clean recording, tick the option “Hide Record Window during recording.


xrecorder lg stylo 6

We can also edit, merge, and compress a video using the XRecorder app.


2. Screen Recorder Kimcy929

lg stylo 6 screen recorder app

The next screen recorder on our list is Kimcy929 Screen Recorder.

For a long time, this was the only screen recorder app without ads. However, it’s no more ad-free.


lg stylo 6 pause screen recording with magic button

Kincy929 Screen Recorder offers a Magic button to control recording. The magic button can be made almost invisible by reducing its opacity.

You can use the Magic button to pause the recording. This feature is not offered by the XRecorder app.


lg stylo 6 screen recording tutorial

You can stop recording using the power button or by shaking the phone for a clean recording.

lg stylo 6 screen record settings

We can change the video and audio output as per the above settings.

lg stylo 6 how to take screenshot

You can also add an overlay banner text or logo image with the kimcy929 screen recorder app.

3. Vidma Recorder Lite

lg stylo 6 vidma screen recorder

The 3rd screen recorder on our list is “Vidma Recorder”.

Tap the Home icon to view the settings page as marked in the above screenshot.


screenshot lg stylo 6

It’s a very light screen recorder app with minimal options.

screenshot on lg stylo 6

To close the recorder app, drag the shortcut icon towards the “x sign” as shown above.

4. AZ Screen Recorder

lg stylo 6 az screen recorder

The last screen recorder on our list is AZ Screen Recorder. This is a very old screen recorder app.

Tap the tile icon to view the AZ Recorder settings page.

lg lmq730 screen record

AZ Recorder offers Time Lapse to control the video speed. This feature is not offered by other screen recorder apps.

lg stylo 6 time lapse screen recording

The rest of the options are more or less similar to other screen recorder apps.


How was your screen recording experience on LG Stylo 6? Which one is your favorite screen recorder app? Please share your views in the comment section below.



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