LG Tribute HD LS676 USB & ADB Drivers Download & Install – Tutorial

LG Tribute HD USB drivers are necessary for ADB mode, Diag Mode, and Download mode.

The most common use of ADB mode is unlocking the bootloader and download mode is used for flashing a stock ROM. The Diag Mode is used for CDMA programming.

Even though the bootloader of Tribute HD can’t be unlocked, at least we can use the ADB mode to enable adoptable storage. This feature was added in android marshmallow and addresses the low internal storage problem to a big extent. This way we can adopt a part of sd card as internal storage which can be used for storing apps and game data.

So, Let’s proceed with the USB Driver Installation –



LG Tribute HD LS676 USB & ADB Driver –

Below is the download link of the zip file containing the latest LG USB drivers (v4.2) for Tribute HD.


Extract the zip file and install the LG USB Driver setup file. To learn How to successfully install the driver, follow the below tutorial –


lg tribute hd driver

As soon as I connected my LG Tribute HD to PC, driver software installation started.

I’ve not yet installed any LG USB Driver on the computer.

lg tribute hd usb drivers

You can see the driver installation is complete and TributeHD is showing up in the driver installation window.


lg ls676 usb driver install

Now I’ll open device manager to keep track of the driver installation.

Click on Windows Start Menu and type dev in the search bar. Tap on “Device Manager” under “Control Panel”

lg ls676 usb driver

“TributeHD” is visible under “Portable Devices”

Now we’ve to install the ADB drivers.

lg tribute hd usb debugging

For ADB driver installation, Turn on USB Debugging by going to Settings < Developer Options < USB Debugging

If you’ve not enabled Developer Options yet, learn how to do it.

lg tribute hd usb debugging drivers

Now, when you’ll connect your phone to PC, make sure USB debugging is ON and USB connection is set to “Charging Only” as shown above.

lg tribute hd adb driver

As soon as I connected the phone to PC, driver installation window popped up.

It is trying to install the ADB Interface Driver.


lg ls676 adb driver installation

As we’ve not installed the LG USB drivers, the ADB driver installation failed.

lg tribute hd latest 4.2 drivers download

Now, I’m going to install the latest version of LG USB Driver (4.2). Extract the previously downloaded zip file and click on LGMobileDriver setup file as shown above. You can also download the zip file from below link –


ls676 driver install

Start the driver installation process by clicking on “Next” and proceed until successful completion.

installing adb & usb driver tribute hd

As soon as the driver setup was finished, the ADB Interface driver started installing.

tribute hd adb & usb driver installed

You can see the Tribute HD ADB driver has installed successfully and showing up as “Android Sooner Single ADB interface” in device manager.

Now Let’s connect Tribute HD to the computer in ADB mode.

How to Connect LG Tribute HD to PC in ADB Mode –


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