LG Tribute Empire/Royal Firmware Update Stuck

The firmware update screen on Tribute Empire & Royal is used to flash the stock firmware. This way we can restore a bricked/dead device. The firmware update screen is also known as download mode.

If you’ve accidentally landed on the firmware update screen, we need to find out the root before fixing this issue.

Let’s see how to do this –

LG Tribute Royal/Empire/Dynasty Stuck on Firmware Update – How to Fix

1. Due to a bad Micro USB Cable/Wall Charger

lg tribute empire firmware update stuck

In my case, my Tribute Empire was stuck on the Firmware update screen when I connected it to the computer via Micro USB cable.

My LG K30 also got stuck on the same screen when I used this USB cable. Thus, I deduced the cable is faulty.

There is an easy fix to get out of the firmware update screen on Tribute Empire/Royal. Let’s see how to do that –

LG Tribute Empire Firmware update Stuck – Fix

lg tribute empire stuck on firmware update

If your Tribute empire is stuck on the firmware update, your need to soft reset/force power off the phone.

As the Tribute empire comes with a removable battery, we can remove the battery to turn it off.

Remove the back cover using the groove on the bottom-left as shown above.


lg tribute dynasty stuck on firmware update

Pull out the battery to turn off the phone.



lg tribute dynasty firmware update stuck

Re-insert the battery in its slot.

lg tribute empire firmware update stuck at 0

Place the battery door as per the above picture.




lg tribute dynasty firmware update stuck at 0

Use the power button on the back to reboot the phone in regular mode.

LG Tribute Royal Stuck on Firmware Update – Fix

lg tribute royal firmware update stuck

Like Tribute Empire, on Tribute Royal, we need to force power off the phone to get out of Download Mode/Firmware Update.

However, the Tribute Royal has a non-removable battery. We cannot turn off the phone by pulling the battery out.

lg tribute royal stuck on firmware update

We need to use the volume down and power button to force restart the phone.

Press and hold the volume down & power button for 10 seconds or until the phone restarts to regular mode.



2. Failed OTA (over the air) System Update / Soft Bricked

lg tribute empire bricked

A failed OTA system update can also lead us to the Firmware Update screen on Tribute Royal/Empire.

In such a case, the phone can only be restored by flashing the stock firmware. For this purpose, we need to use the LGUP or LG Flash tool.


lg tribute empire firmware download

You can see the device model LM-X220PM is visible in the LGUP window. This is the model number of the LG Tribute Empire.

We need to obtain the stock kdz or tot file for flashing. I couldn’t find the firmware file for Tribute Empire & Royal.

After loading the firmware file, we need to change the process to “UPGRADE” and initiate the flashing process.


In the majority of the cases, you’ll be able to restore by just doing a force restart.


Were you able to get rid of the Firmware update screen on your Tribute Royal/Empire? Please share your experience in the comment section below.



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