LG Tribute HD App Drawer Menu Button /All Apps Icon -How to get it back

There were 2 home screen launchers in LG Tribute 5 (predecessor), both came with an app drawer. In Tribute HD one more launcher is added, it is without the app drawer, and is made the default home screen launcher.

So, as soon as you boot into LG Tribute HD, you realize the app menu button is missing. As we’re used to it since the early days of Android, it feels awkward without it. However, there is no need to worry as we can get it back in few simple steps.

The only thing that we’ve to do is, go to Home Screen Settings and choose the appropriate launcher. Follow the screenshots below to get back the app drawer –

How to get back the LG Tribute HD App Drawer / All Apps Icon –


LG Tribute HD Home Screen No App Drawer

The default Home Screen Launcher on LG Tribute HD is without an App Drawer.

All the apps are present on the home screen itself and we can add as many home screens as we like.

LG Tribute HD Get Back App Drawer

To change the Launcher, Long Press on an empty area on the home screen.

Select the middle option, i.e “Home Screen Settings” as shown above.

Tap on “Select Home”


LG Tribute HD Home & App Drawer

From the list, Select “Home & app drawer”. This will directly take us the Home screen with App Drawer

Click on the App Drawer Icon to view the apps.

LG Tribute HD Home Screen Settings

You can also “Long Press” the Recent Apps Key to Access the Home Screen Settings as shown above.

This will again take use to Home Screen page.


LG Tribute HD Easy Home

This time let’s select “EasyHome” after all this one also includes the app drawer.

You can see I’ve clicked on the “all apps icon” and it takes us to the app menu.


LG Tribute HD Remove Delete Easy Home

To exit easy home click on the “Settings” icon on the home screen as shown above.

Scroll down and look for “Home Screen” and click on it to Open.

LG tribute HD get out of easy home

Now that we have wandered through all the home screen launchers, finally, pick your favorite among the three.

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  1. Omg…. Thank you, I probably would have figured it out eventually but glad I didn’t have to. I really did miss my “all apps drawl”.

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