LG Stylo 6 secret codes & hidden menu dialer codes lmq730

There are a few very useful secret dialer codes for LG Stylo 6. Each code reveals a different secret menu. The codes vary as per the Stylo 6 carrier/service provider.

In this post, we are going to check out the codes for Stylo 6 MetroPCS lmq730mm, Boost Mobile/Sprint lmq730tm3, Cricket lmq730am, T-Mobile lmq730tmw, Spectrum Mobile lmq730qm6, Xfinity Mobile lmq730qm5, US Cellular lmq730qm0, Factory Unlock lmq730qm7 & Verizon lmq730vmw.

LG Stylo 6 MetroPCS/T-Mobile Secret Codes lmq730mm/lmq730tmw

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We need to use the LG Stylo 6 phone dialer to type the secret codes. Tap the call icon located on your Stylo 6 home screen as shown above.

LG Stylo 6 IMEI Code

The first secret code on our list is the IMEI code.

It’s the most common dialer code for almost all GSM phones.

Dial *#06# to view your Stylo 6 IMEI.

LG Stylo 6 Calendar Info Code

The 2nd dialer code brings us to the Stylo 6 Calendar Info page.

Open your phone dialer and dial *#*#225#*#*

It shows information based on your Calendar Events.

LG Stylo 6 FCM Diagnostics Code

The 3rd dialer codes for MetroPCS Stylo 6 is *#*#426#*#*

This code opens the FCM Diagnostics menu.

The FCM Diagnostics page stores the Google play services log data. Your phone should be connected to the internet to view this information.


LG Stylo 6 Testing Code

One more common code for GSM phones is  *#*#4636#*#*

This secret code reveals the Testing page. The two options on this page are “Phone information” and “Usage statistics”.

The phone information shows mostly network-related information. You can change the “preferred network type” using this page.

As the name suggests, the Usage statistics menu keeps a tab on the app usage time and duration.

We can sort apps as per the usage time, launch count, or app name.


Here, the recent apps are sorted in alphabetical order.



LG Stylo 6 Hidden Menu 1st Code


Now, comes the most important Stylo 6 secret code, i.e. the Hidden Menu Code.

Dial the code *#546368#*730# to get access to the Hidden Menu page on your Stylo 6.

There are 4 options on the Hidden Menu page. Let’s check them out, starting with the Device Test option.


Go to Device Test > SAAT > Service Menu – Manual Test


Here is the complete list of the Device Tests. You can use these tests to troubleshoot your LG Stylo 6.

The Next option on the Hidden Menu page is “ORT Test”.

Let’s check the Manual Mode ORT Test Menu.


Here is the list of the ORT Device Tests.


The 3rd option on the Hidden Menu page is the SVC Menu.

Please refer to the above screenshot to view the SVC Menu test list.


The last option on the Stylo 6 Hidden Menu page is Field Test.

The Field test page has mostly network-related tests. They can aid in network-troubleshooting on your Stylo 6.

LG Stylo 6 Hidden Menu 2nd Code

The 2nd Hidden Menu code works only on the Stylo 6 MetroPCS & T-Mobile variants.

Open your phone dialer and dial the hidden menu code 277634#*#

The options on the second hidden menu are more or less similar to the first one.

LG Stylo 6 Boost Mobile/Sprint  Secret Codes lmq730tm3

There are 11 secret codes for Sprint/Boost Mobile Stylo 6 lmq730tm3 as follows –

1. LG Stylo 6 Boost Mobile Hidden Menu Code

The hidden menu code for Boost Stylo 6 is different from that of MetroPCS.

Open your Stylo 6 phone dialer and dial 5689#*730# to open the hidden menu.

Only the code is different. The Hidden Menu options are similar to MetroPCS Stylo 6 as explored before.

2. LG Stylo 6 IMEI & MEID Code

Boost Mobile Stylo 6 is a GSM + CDMA device.

So the IMEI code i.e. *#06# reveals the IMEI as well as MEID.

3. LG Stylo 6 Data Code (##DATA#)

The 3rd dialer code for Boost Stylo 6 is related to the Mobile Data.

Dial ##3282# to view/edit the internet related information.

4. LG Stylo 6 Debug Code (##DEBUG)

The next code shows the Stylo 6 debugging menu.

Dial the code ##33284# to get access to the Debug Menu.


5. LG Stylo 6 Diagnostics Menu Code (##DIAG#)

The Diag Mode is used for CDMA programming.

The dialer code for the same is ##3424#

6. LG Stylo 6 Forced Activation Code (##UPDATE#)

If you’re unable to activate your Boost Mobile/Sprint Stylo 6, you can try forced activation via a dialer code.

Use this code to activate your device ##873283#

7. LG Stylo 6 Code to reset the brand customization to factory default (##BRAND#)

To reset the device provisioning & brand customization to factory default we need to use the secret code ##27263# as shown above.

8. LG Stylo 6 Sprint OMADM Menu Code (##OMADM#)

The next code opens the Sprint OMADM menu.

To access the menu we also need the 6 digit Service/MSL code.

9. LG Stylo 6 code to Reset the network  (##RTN#)

The next code is used to fix network-related issues.

Dial ##786# to reset the network.

You can either reset or just view the network data as shown above.

10. LG Stylo 6 Special Code to Reset the Network (##SCRTN#)


One more special code to reset the network is ##72786#

This operation will reset the device provisioning parameters to factory default.

11. LG Stylo 6 Error Log Code (##LOG#)

The last Sprint dialer code shows the Error log.


Open your Stylo 6 phone dialer and type the code ##564# to view the error log.


LG Stylo 6 Cricket Secret Codes lmq730am4

The dialer codes for Cricket Stylo 6 are the same as the MetroPCS/T-Mobile variant including the hidden menu code. 

LG Stylo 6 RLZ Debug UI Code

One extra code that you should try on Cricket Stylo 6 is the RLZ Debug UI code *#*#759#*#*



This code may or may not work on Cricket Stylo 6.

LG Stylo 6 Spectrum, Xfinity, Verizon, Factory Unlocked & US Cellular Secret Codes

LG Stylo 6 Hidden Menu Code for Xfinity, Verizon, Factory Unlocked & US Cellular.

The common hidden menu code for all the Stylo 6 variants, except Boost Mobile/Sprint, is *#546368#*730#

On Spectrum, Xfinity, US Cellular & Factory Unlock Stylo 6 you should try the Metro/T-Mobile secret codes as revealed at the beginning of the post.

Which codes worked on your Stylo 6? Do you know more secret codes for Stylo 6? Please share your views in the comment section below.


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