LG Tribute HD LS676 Download Mode -Flash a KDZ/ROM/Firmware File

Download mode is the most significant mode of troubleshooting. It lets us flash a stock firmware and restore a non-working bricked phone, back to factory state. It also helps in upgrading or downgrading the phone firmware.

LG Tribute HD can be flashed in download mode via LG Flash Tool or LGUP. However, if you’re on the latest Zv6 firmware you won’t be able to downgrade to a lower version. Since Tribute HD LS676Zv5 update, anti-rollback security has come into effect, which prevents downgrading.

As of now, the only Stock ROM available for Tribute HD is LS676 ZV3. You’ll be able to flash it via LGUP if your Tribute HD is running on software version lower than Zv5.

Let’s see how to enter Download Mode to Flash a firmware file –

How to Enter LG Tribute HD Download Mode –

lg tribute hd ls676 download mode

To boot Tribute HD in download mode –

Turn off your phone.

Attach one end of the USB Data Cable to the PC.

Press the Volume Up key. Keep it pressed, and attach the other end of the USB cable to phone.

“Download Mode” will flash on the screen for few seconds then it’ll change to “Firmware Update” as shown in the screenshot above.


lg tribute hd ls676 download mode drivers

Wait for the LG USB Serial Port driver to install.

We can check the driver installation progress in Device Manager.

Type dev in Windows search bar and click on “Device Manager” to open it.

lg tribute hd download mode driver

If the LG USB Serial Port driver has installed successfully, It’ll appear as “LGE AndroidNet USB Serial Port” under “Ports” in device manager.

As the driver has installed successfully, let’s install LGUP flashing software.

Download the LGUP setup file from below link and install it on your computer.


lg tribute hd lgup flashing software

Finish the LGUP installation, but don’t RUN it yet.


lg tribute hd ls676 dll file download


There is a DLL file for every LG Model which needs to be installed before running LGUP.

LGUP won’t recognize the connected device without the DLL file. However, in case of Tribute HD, even after installing the DLL file, the phone was not getting detected.

So I tried Uppercut by Autoprime, and it worked flawlessly.

You can download the zip file containing Uppercut from the below Download Link –


Extract the zip file on your computer and run the .exe file as shown above.

lg ls676 dll

Uppercut with load LGUP on its own.


lgup lg tribute hd flashing stock firmware

You can see the current firmware version of Tribute HD i.e LS676ZV6 is visible in the LGUP window.

If we have the firmware file, we can load it to LGUP and do the flashing. I’ll update this post as soon the latest firmware file becomes available.

If your Tribute HD is running on LS676ZV3 or Zv4 software version, you can flash this kdz firmware.

If facing any issue, let me know via the comment section below.

11 thoughts on “LG Tribute HD LS676 Download Mode -Flash a KDZ/ROM/Firmware File

  1. My LS676 is bricked on ZVB. I am trying to utilize LG UP and also get the 0×D, not support diagEnable for laf mode error with no answer. I have Googled this error and there is nothing on it anywhere. It is also difficult to work with this device using .tot files and it seems that there are no .kdz files for it. Any suggestions?

  2. My phone with the model Lgls676(HD tribute).. Is showing (no service) after giving to a repairer..”unknown ” is writing under the Imei and the baseband number in the phone’s software column…

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