LG Tribute Monarch FRP bypass 2020 Google lock lmk300

LG Monarch is the Sprint’s latest tribute device running on Android 10. Google has added factory reset protection (FRP) similar to iCloud lock since Android Lollipop.  This comes into effect when resetting your tribute monarch using the volume down & power button.

The good thing is we can bypass the Google FRP screen on Monarch in a few minutes using the latest hack. It can be done for free without using a computer or app.

lg tribute monarch frp bypass

I was locked out on my Tribute Monarch, so I performed a hard reset using the volume down and power button.

This brings me to the Welcome screen of the setup wizard.

Let’s move ahead following the on-screen prompts.

lg tribute monarch google bypass

To proceed further, we need to connect our phone to the internet via Wifi or mobile data.

My Tribute Monarch is connected to the “Home Wifi” network.

lg lmk300tm frp bypass

The next step brings me to the lock screen password page.

I don’t remember the screen lock password so I’ll choose the alternate option i.e. “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD”.


how to bypass google verification on lg tribute monarch

This is the Google Verification page. It asks for the last-synced Google account.

Using the below troubleshooting guide, you’ll be able to get past the Google FRP screen on your Tribute Monarch in a few minutes –


How to bypass Google Verification on LG Tribute Monarch lmk300tm3 -Sprint, Boost Mobile

lg tribute monarch frp lock

On the Google verification page, tap the “Email or Phone” field to pull out the keyboard.

There is a “keyboard icon” on the bottom-right corner. Tap it to open.


how to bypass google lock on lg tribute monarch

A “Default keyboard” window appears on the screen.

Hit “Settings” to get access to the keyboard settings page.

We are now on the “Manage keyboards” page.

Select the first keyboard i.e. “Gboard”.

google bypass lg tribute monarch

We are now on the Gboard settings page.

Click the “3 dots” menu icon on the top-right corner and choose “Help & feedback”.

lg tribute monarch google lock

On the Support page, hit the “Describe your issue” search bar and type delete.

From the search result dropdown, select the first result i.e. “Delete or disable apps on Android”.



lg tribute monarch google unlock

On the next support page, look for “Tap to go the Application Settings” and open it.

This takes us to the “App Info” page.

Scroll down and open “Google” as shown above.

lg tribute monarch frp bypass without computer

We are now on the Google App info page.

Tap “Open” to launch the Google app.

Hit “No thanks” and tap on the Google search bar.

lg tribute monarch frp bypass no pc

Type settings in the search bar, and select the “Settings app” as marked in the above screenshot.

lg tribute monarch password bypass

We are now on the Settings app.

Open “Fingerprints” and hit “NEXT”.

lg tribute monarch google account bypass

This brings us to the “Select screen lock” page.

We can set a new screen lock PIN, pattern, or password.

This will replace the old screen lock on the phone. 

I’m adding an easy to remember PIN as the screen lock.



lg monarch boost frp bypass

I’ve added 1234 as the new PIN lock.

A message flashes at the bottom of the screen, “Screen lock has been changed”.

This confirms that the old screen lock is replaced with the new one. 

Now, use the back button and keep going back until you’re on the first page of the setup wizard.


lg monarch sprint frp bypass

Keep going back using the back button.

lg lmk300 google bypass

Once again, we’re on the “Welcome” page.

Use the forward arrow to move ahead.

Click “Next” on the “New Second Screen” page.

lg tribute monarch frp bypass tool

Tap “Don’t copy” on the “Copy apps & data” page.

We are once again on the Lock Screen Verification page.

The good news is we know the lock screen PIN.

Add the screen lock PIN we created in the previous step i.e. 1234


google account bypass lg monarch

At this stage, we are on the Google sign-in page but we get the “Skip” option at the bottom-left corner.

If you wish, you can also add a Google account as well (last-synced account is not required).

I’m skipping the Google account setup as of now.

how to bypass google lock on lg tribute monarch

Accept “Google services terms and conditions”.

lg tribute monarch frp bypass 2020

Tap “OK” on the “Review additional apps” page.

Tick the “I agree” checkbox on the “Legal documents” page as shown above.

Finally, we’ve landed on the Tribute Monarch home screen.

We have successfully bypassed the FRP lock/Google Verification on LG Tribute Monarch.


If facing any issue, feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. i dont have the pattern lock option on my phone and it is a tribute monarch. so changing the pin does me no good. is there another way to bypass the google lock?

  2. Some reason when I get to the step for the keyboard at the bottom of the key board , there isn’t one there , what do I do

  3. You saved my kids ass!! Lol. I bought her the phone for bday. She set a pattern and forgot. I’ve been trying to reset and get in and you did it! Thank you so much

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