LG Stylo 6 FRP bypass Google account without computer lmq730 2020

Stylo 6 is the latest entrant in the LG Stylo Series running on the Android 10 operating system. There are 10 variants of Stylo 6 based on different carriers.

The LG Stylo 6 variants are Boost Mobile lmq730tm3, Spectrum Mobile lmq730qm6, MetroPCS lmq730mm,  T-Mobile lmq730tm, Sprint lmq730tm3, Cricket lmq730tm3am, Xfinity Mobile lmq730qm5, Factory Unlocked lmq730qm7.

In this post, we are going to bypass the google verification screen on LG Stylo 6 using the latest and easiest method without a computer or apk.  This hack should work on all the Stylo 6 variants.

Google’s Factory reset protection (FRP) is activated when the phone is reset using the volume down & power button via Recovery Mode.

LG Stylo 6 frp bypass no pc

After doing a Hard reset on my Stylo 6, I’ve landed on the Welcome screen as shown above.

Let’s proceed further using the forward arrow.

We can have the new second screen with or without a notch.


lg stylo 6 frp bypass without computer

In the next step, we need to connect our phone to the internet.

My Stylo 6 is connected to the “Home Wifi” network.

how to bypass google lock on lg stylo 6

Let’s skip the “Copy apps & data” page by hitting “Don’t copy”.

how to bypass google verification on lg stylo 6

This brings me to the pattern lock screen. I don’t know my lock screen pattern. Let’s use the 2nd option i.e. “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD”.

Now, we are on the Google Account Verification Screen also known as the FRP lock screen.

Let’s use the latest and easiest hack to get past this LG Stylo 6 Google lock screen in a few minutes –

How to bypass Google lock on LG Stylo 6 lmq730 Metro, Boost Mobile, etc.

lg stylo 6 google bypass

We are on the Google Verification page –

Tap the “Email or phone” blank field to bring out the keyboard.

There is a “keyboard icon” at the bottom-right corner. Hit this icon.

lg stylo 6 boost mobile frp bypass

A “Default keyboard” pop-up shows up on the screen.  Hit “Settings” as shown above.

This takes us to the “Manage keyboards” page.

Select the first keyboard i.e. “Gboard”.

lg stylo 6 google bypass

Hit the “3 dots” icon (top-right corner) on the Gboard settings page.

Select the “Help & Feedback” option.


how to bypass google account on lg stylo 6

We are now on the “Support” page.

There’s a blank field to “Describe your issue”. Click on it and type delete

Among the search results,  select “Delete or disable apps on Android”.

lg lmq730mm frp bypass

Look for “Tap to go to Application Settings” on the next page and open it.

This brings us to the App info page.

We have to scroll down and open the “Google” app.

lg lmq730tm frp bypass

Hit “Open” on the Google app info page to launch the Google app.

Click “NO THANKS” and use the Google search bar.

lg stylo 6 tmobile frp bypass

Type Settings in the search bar and open the “Settings app” as marked in the above screenshot.

lg stylo 6 frp lock bypass

On the Settings page, select “Fingerprints” and hit “Next”.

lg stylo 6 google unlock

On this page, we get the option to add a screen lock.

This new lock will replace the old screen lock.

You can add a Pattern, PIN, or Password.

I’ve added an easy to remember PIN lock 1234

lg stylo 6 google lock

Hit “OK” to confirm the PIN.

A confirmation text flashes at the bottom of the screen.

It reads “Screen lock has been changed”.

We have successfully replaced the old screen lock with this new PIN. 

Now we need to go all the way back to the “Welcome” screen.

lg stylo 6 frp bypass apk

Use the back button and keep going back.

lg stylo 6 google frp bypass

Finally, we are on the Welcome screen.

Tap the “Forward Arrow” to move ahead.

Select the “New Second Screen” and hit “Next”.

lg stylo 6 bypass google account

Tap “Don’t copy” on the “Copy apps & data” page.

We are now on the PIN verification page.

Enter the PIN we created in the previous step 1234

lg lmq730 google bypass

As we entered the screen lock PIN correctly, we get the skip option on the Google Sign-in page.

We can either skip Sign-in or add any Google account (the last-synced account is not needed).

lg stylo 6 cricket frp bypass

Accept Google services terms and conditions.

lg stylo 6 spectrum frp bypass

Hit “OK” on the “Review additional apps” page.


lg stylo 6 verizon frp bypass

We are now on the “Legal documents” page.

Tick the “I agree” checkbox and hit “DONE” to land on the LG Stylo 6 home screen.

We have successfully bypassed the Google lock on LG Stylo 6.

If facing any trouble, feel free to ask in the below comment section.



39 thoughts on “LG Stylo 6 FRP bypass Google account without computer lmq730 2020

  1. It worked great. My stylo 6 wouldn’t even configure. I’m new to all stuff and not very savvy. All I did was follow your directions. It didn’t work the first time and I went back to the beginning, did another reset. The second time through it worked like a charm. The password box came right up, I used the pin I put in on the first run. No worries. It was beautiful. Follow the instructions folks instead of crying cause you didn’t and it didn’t work. I started working on this phone 2 months ago I’m happy as can be. Now if I can just get my link Sim card to work in it I will be ecstatic.
    Thank very much!!!

  2. same as a previous poster: I have done all these steps (4 times) and everytime I come to the input your password I do, it accepts it then asks me to sign into google account previously on device just like before and there is NO SKIP OPTION.

    using your workaround to get into settings and about phone, i can tell you it is an LM-Q730TM and it’s running software: Q730TM10q

    any reason why i would be able to go through ALL these steps and it not give the option to “skip”???

  3. This worked perfect 09/19/21 on LG Stylo 6 Boost Mobile.

    The only part that I got stuck on was when I went all the way back to home and tried to initiate the “enter PIN” — it kept going straight to “Sign into google account”.

    To get around it, I simply went back to recovery mode (reset by holding power + volume down) and wiping data once more. Then when I went back into setup, it allowed me to enter the new pin and finish setup.

    Thank you for the easy bypass!

  4. I used another method to get to the settings similar to yours but then the settings will not let me access anything that has to do with fingerprints, pattern, or anything in security

  5. ive had the same problem with my cricket stylo 6. there’s no g-board to select to get to the 3dots… only lg and the google voicetyyping any thoughts on how to still bypass the frp?

  6. Wow this work great on a LG Stylo 6 for boost Mobile. This is the first true app that actually worked without a computer or any paying for it. Thank you so much it is awesome and it does work on boost Mobile LG Stylo 6. Easy and clear how to do. You rock dude!

  7. Fantastic! You’re amazing thank you very much for the input. You are true lifesaver and saved me a lot of headache thank you very much you’re ???!!??❤️❤️❤️

  8. Thank you for providing thoroughly detailed instructions for bypassing the frp on the Stylo 6 phone. It took less than 15 minutes between reading the instructions and then executing them. This being done 3/18/2021.

    Keep up the excellent tips.


  9. I have done all these steps (4 times) and everytime I come to the input your password I do it accepts it then asks me to sign into google account previously on device just like before and there is no skip option I bought this phone online and the seller wont answer but I can see he reads my messages little punk thinks this is funny im sure please help

  10. I have the boost version, and it was even easier than the listed method.
    -Reset phone
    -insert an activated sim card
    -Complete setup up to the Google Verification screen.
    -Go back to the very first screen
    -When you get to the wifi selection screen, switch from wifi to ‘Cellular Network’
    -‘Enter new screen lock’ appears
    -set up any type of lock you wish.
    -Now when you get to the google screen, you can sign in with any account you want, or you can just skip it

  11. Thank you very much, somebody just sold me this phone with a google account locked and he never respond again, this bypass was so easy to fellow and just works right, I can’t believe it, You guys just made my day! thanks very much.

  12. Does not work on Cricket Stylo 6. Only option is LG keyboard, (or voice typing which is flagged as unavailable until you complete setup) and accessing help on LG keyboard gives you two pages of info, there is no “three dots” and there is no way to access any other menus on the phone from this screen

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