LG Stylo 6 Dark Mode / Night Mode / Dark Theme – how to turn on

There are 4 ways to enable dark mode on LG Stylo 6. The dark theme works best in low light conditions and it enhances the battery life.

We can put our Stylo 6 into dark mode by turning on Night Mode, High Contrast screen, Maximum mode, or by applying a dark theme.

Let’s see how to do this in great detail with the help of the below video and screenshots –


How to get dark mode on LG Stylo 6

Let’s begin with the night mode –

1. LG Stylo 6 Night Mode

lg stylo 6 dark mode

To turn on Night mode, we need to open the Settings app.

Now, look for “Display” and open it.

lg stylo 6 night mode

Next, we need to select “Night Mode”.

On the Night Mode page, toggle on the switch “Use Night mode”.

The dark mode is turned on.

how to put lg stylo 6 into night mode

We can set a daily night mode schedule.

Tap “Schedule” and turn it on.

There are 2 options on this page.

We can either schedule it to turn on every day from sunset to sunrise or set the time duration.


how to get dark mode on lg stylo 6

The default time duration is set from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

how to get night mode on lg stylo 6

I’m changing the night mode start time to 12 AM.

how to get night mode on lg stylo 6

I’ve set the night mode auto-off time to 8:00 AM.

dark mode lg stylo 6

This is the Stylo 6 home screen and keyboard layout in night mode.

night mode lg stylo 6

The settings page & notification panel have also turned all black.

night theme lg stylo 6

The phone dialer and messaging app with a dark background.

The below video depicts the same –

2. LG Stylo 6 High Contrast Screen

lg stylo 6 high contrast screen

The 2nd method to get dark mode on Stylo 6 is via the High Contrast screen.

Once again, open the Settings app and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Select the last option “Accessibility” as shown above.

high contrast screen lg stylo 6

Now, select the first option i.e. “Vision” on the accessibility page


how to turn on dark mode on lg stylo 6

Toggle on “High contrast screen” to put Stylo 6 into dark mode.

In the High contrast mode, even the “Google Search” home screen widget has turned all black.

3. LG Stylo 6 Dark Theme

how to turn on dark theme on lg stylo 6

The 3rd way to put the Stylo 6 into dark mode is via a Dark Theme.

Long-Press an empty space on your Stylo 6 home screen.

Now, select “Wallpaper & theme” as shown above.

lg stylo 6 themes download

Select the “Theme tab”.

Now, click “Top Free” to browse through free themes.

I’ve selected the Starlit night theme. It’s a Dark Theme with a black background.

Hit “Download” to save the theme.

lg stylo 6 free themes

Once the download is complete, we need to hit “Apply” to set this theme.

dark theme on lg stylo 6

We have enabled the dark theme. This is how the home screen and phone dialer looks like.


how to turn on dark theme on lg stylo 6

The messaging app and keyboard have a dark background with the Starlit night theme.

dark theme for lg stylo 6

This is how the settings page and notification panel looks like while using the dark theme.

4. LG Stylo 6 Maximum Battery Saver Mode

The maximum battery saver mode uses night mode & restricts background activity to increase battery life.


lg stylo 6 battery life

The last and the most useful LG Stylo 6 dark mode is the maximum battery saver mode.

Along with the dark mode, you also get twice the battery life in Maximum mode. It’s a win-win situation.

Open the Settings app and select “Battery”.

lg stylo 6 battery draining fast

Now, go to the battery saver page.

There are 3 options on this page –

Off, Extended & Maximum.

Select the last option i.e. “Maximum”.


how to increase lg stylo 6 battery life

While using the maximum battery saver mode –

  • Vibration is disabled
  • Wifi & Bluetooth are turned off
  • Location services are disabled when the screen is off
  • Night Mode is turned on
  • Background data and other activities are restricted
  • The maximum brightness is set to 80%
  • The frame rate is reduced

Tap “Turn on” to enable the maximum mode.

lg stylo 6 battery saver modes

To make any changes, hit “Edit mode”.

Do any changes in the maximum mode as per your liking.

how to increase lg stylo 6 battery life

This is how the home screen looks like in maximum battery saver mode.

how to maximize lg stylo 6 battery life

The phone dialer and the messaging app with the black background.

lg stylo 6 battery saver is on

A “Battery saver is on” notification shows up as long as the maximum mode remains on.

Use the “Off” option on the Battery saver page, to turn off Maximum mode.


Which dark mode did you like the most on your LG Stylo 6? Please share your views in the comment section below.

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