LG Tribute HD LS676 Activation Bypass Tutorial

Sprint prepaid phones are many a time available for a throwaway price at BestBuy. That includes Boost & Virgin prepaid phones. LG Tribute HD is one such model which has got decent specs for the price. If you got it cheap but don’t intend to activate it on boost mobile network or wish to activate it later, just bypass the activation process.
You can also bypass activation & unlock it for GSM network.

The process is quite simple and self-explanatory. If you get stuck at some point you can always refer the below screenshots which will take you from the first step till completion of the setup wizard.
If you have turned on the phone for first time just let it charge completely and follow the steps below –


lg tribute hd boost mobile bypass activation


The first screen of setup wizard shows Accessibility settings page for visually challenged and impaired.

Click “NEXT”  and proceed to language selection. I’ve selected English you can choose your preferred language.

Next is the “Internet Connection” setup page. If you’ll connect to your wifi network right now,  It’ll force you to download and update to the latest phone firmware, before proceeding further. So it’s better to turn the Wifi off, to quickly finish the setup wizard. The firmware can be updated later as well.


lg tribute hd virgin mobile activation bypass

After turning the Wifi OFF click “NEXT” a popup with warning message will appear.

Select “Skip Anyway” to move further.

Now the automated Hands Free Activation process will try to activate the phone over the air.  As you’ve not done the activation yet it’ll fail with an error after some time.

9 thoughts on “LG Tribute HD LS676 Activation Bypass Tutorial

  1. I am attempting to download the update that appears after the configuration complete screen shows and nothing has happened after 7 hours of waiting. I am connected to service, but the download status is still showing “waiting for download”.

  2. ” If there is no option to skip this page a shown in the last screenshot above, then Press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Key simultaneously. This way the “SKIP” option will appear.”

    This does not work for me. I held the buttons for several minutes and nothing. Is there another way bypass activation like with an OTG cable?

    • You don’t have to keep it pressed for a long time. Just make sure you’re pressing them all together. Try it several times it’ll surely work

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