LG Stylo 6 move apps to SD card & use as internal storage

LG Stylo 6 has double the storage as compared to its predecessor Stylo 5.  Stylo 6 has 64 GB internal memory out of which around 42GB is the usable space.  In today’s world, at least 128GB of memory is considered a decent storage space.

We can increase the media storage with an SD card but the apps and games still occupy the internal memory. The solution to this problem is the LG Stylo 6 adoptable storage feature. After turning on adoptable storage, we can make an SD card the default storage space on Stylo 6.

Let’s see how to do this –

NOTE: Make sure to backup your internal storage data before proceeding further. 

How to move apps to SD card on LG Stylo 6

lg stylo 6 move apps to sd card


First of all, we need a high-speed SD card that we want to use as internal storage. At least a Class 10 micro SD is preferable.

Use the SIM ejector tool to remove the SIM tray on your Stylo 6.

how to move apps to sd card on lg stylo 6

Place the SD card in its respective slot as per the above illustration.


 lg stylo 6 set sd card as internal storage

To use the adoptable storage feature on Stylo 6, we need to enable Developer Options & USB Debugging.

Go to Settings > System and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


how to make sd card default storage on lg stylo 6

Select the 2nd last option i.e. “About Phone”.

We are now on the About phone page. Look for “Software info” and tap it to open.

move apps to sd card lg stylo 6

To enable Developer Options, we need to tap “Build Number” 7 times.


lg lmq730mm move apps to sd card

A text flashes at the bottom – “You are now a developer!”.

Now, go 2 steps back from the “Software info” page.


lg lmq730tm move apps to sd card

Go back from Software info to  “About Phone” and then to “System”.

lg stylo 6 boost mobile move apps to sd card

We are now on the “System” page. There is a new option above “About phone” –  “Developer Options”.  Tap it to open.

Accept the warning and move ahead.

lg stylo 6 metro move apps to sd card

Scroll down and look for USB Debugging. Enable and Allow USB Debugging as per the above screenshots.

lg stylo 6 sprint move apps to sd card

Now we are ready to connect our Stylo 6 to the computer for USB debugging.

Connect your Stylo 6 to the PC using a USB Type-C cable.

lg stylo 6 usb debugging

Check the notification panel. It shows “USB debugging connected”.

lg stylo 6 adb driver

For USB debugging, we need to install the ADB interface driver. I’ve successfully installed the USB driver on my PC.

lg stylo 6 fastboot mode

Now, we need to install a tool on PC for USB debugging. Download the “Minimal ADB & Fastboot” on your computer.  Thanks to shimp208@xda for making this awesome tool.

The download link is as follows –


After downloading the setup file, install, and run the tool.

NOTE: Make sure to backup your internal storage data before proceeding further. 


lg stylo 6 usb debugging

The “minimal ADB and fastboot tool” launches the cmd command prompt window.

We are going to write the ADB commands in this window.

First of all, let’s check if the phone is ready for USB debugging –

Type adb devices and hit enter on your PC keyboard

The device shows up but it says “unauthorized”.

Look at your phone screen.


lg stylo 6 allow usb debugging

There must be an “Allow USB debugging” pop-up request on your phone screen.

Tap “Allow” to proceed further.

lg stylo 6 adoptable storage

Again type adb devices and click enter.

Now, our PC is authorized for USB debugging.

lg stylo 6 storage space running out

Type the next command line adb shell sm list-disks and tap enter

Make note of the disk name. In my case, it’s disk:179,128

It can be 179,64 or something else in your case.

It varies according to the SD card used.

We need to use this disk name in the command line a few steps later.

lg stylo 6 internal storage

The next command line is adb shell sm list-volumes all 

Type this command and hit enter.

lg stylo 6 turn on adoptable storage

Now, write the next command to enable the adoptable storage feature on your Stylo 6

adb shell sm set-force-adoptable true

Tap enter on your PC keyboard.

how to turn on adoptable storage on lg stylo 6

In the next command line, we are going to partition the SD card. We can use the whole space as internal storage or leave some space as an external storage space.

To use 60% of the SD card space as internal storage the command line would be –

adb shell sm partition disk:179,128 mixed 60

(The disk name in my case is 179,128 it can be different in your case. Change the command line accordingly)

To use the whole SD card space as internal storage write the below command –

adb shell sm partition disk:179,128 private

As partition is created during this step, it can take a while.

lg stylo 6 spectrum move apps to sd card

Now type adb shell sm list-volumes and click Enter

We need to copy the UUID code from the result. It’s marked in the next screenshot.


lg stylo 6 cricket move apps to sd card

To get the UUID code write the command line adb shell sm list-volumes and click Enter

Copy the UUID code as marked in the above screenshot. We need to use this code in the next command line.

The code will differ in your case.


lg stylo 6 t-mobile move apps to sd card

Using the above UUID code the next command line would be –

adb shell pm move-primary-storage 2900f5c0-0c4c-4799-a237-3a690779403b

(The UUID code will be different in your case, use it accordingly in the above command line)

We get the result as “Success”.


lg stylo 6 us cellular move apps to sd card

The internal storage data from the phone is moved to the newly created SD card partition. From now on, it’s the new internal storage space.

Check your Stylo 6 notification panel. It reads “Content transfer is done”.

Now Go to Settings > Storage > SD Card on your Stylo 6.

lg stylo 5 xfinity move apps to sd card

You can see the SD card is partitioned into 2 parts. You can rename the SD Card’s internal storage partition for identification.

We have set the SD card as the default storage space on LG Stylo 6. As the SD card is set as the internal storage space, we need to keep it inserted all the time.

I’m not sure how practical is the adoptable storage feature for daily usage. If you’re using it, please share your experience in the comment section below.


lg stylo 6 verizon move apps to sd card

To revert the changes we can format the SD card as portable/external storage.

Hit the “3 dots” icon on the SD card page and select “Format as portable”.



lg stylo 6 format sd card

Tap “Format” to format the SD card as external storage.

how to move apps to sd card on lg lmq730mm

The whole of the SD card memory is now available as an external storage space.

For any query or feedback, please leave a comment below.


6 thoughts on “LG Stylo 6 move apps to SD card & use as internal storage

  1. This looks great. After having a Stylo 3, where this was already activated on purchase, my only question is this. WHY?!!!!! Why was it changed? LG or Android? Whose stupid idea was this? What’s the point of being able to use up to a 2Tb card (mine’s only 400Gb) if you can’t move stuff off your phone? Idiots!

  2. This worked flawlessly but after I do all the steps my “new” internal SD storage says 100+gb of system storage. I think its just a visual thing since I was using a 64GB SD and that would be impossible but its really weird so I figured I’d let everyone know. If it didn’t have that problem I’d totally use this but I just hate seeing that. Thanks again for the guide you’re a lifesaver, I really wish LG would let us use our sd card for apps natively.

  3. I need a bit of help, I tried connecting the phone to my pc while usb debugging was enabled but the pop up would not come up and the command prompt kept saying there were no devices, any idea on what I should do?

  4. Thank you for this guide . I use a windows 10 laptop . I actually followed a similar guide for adoptable storage when I bought the Lg Stylo 2 years ago . I bought a samsung 128 g card and followed your guide . Well everything went good up until the partition part . I wanted 80 percent internal . Well for some reason they have reversed it . When I typed mixed 80 it ended up saying the android system took 100 g of system space . So I redid it and typed mixed 20 . That worked except external partion said corrupt. So after few hours of trial and error I found if your card says that then turn off phone . Take micro sd card out put it in adapter in your windows comp. Use the windows format not a 3rd part fancy partition master like I did . In my case it recognized around 26 g card and formatted it . I stuck it back in phone and finally it worked no corruption on the 20% external partition ! I would post screen shots if I knew how . Thank you again sir !

  5. Did this and it worked fine but now the Stylo 6 original Camera app won’t stay open. It just opens and immediately closes??

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