LG Tribute HD LS676 Stuck on Configuring Your Phone – How to Bypass

My LG Tribute HD Ls676 got stuck at “configuring your phone” when I did a factory data reset without doing the activation. As the phone was not active on boost mobile network, it tried to configure the phone for calls and data but failed eventually and got stuck with no option to move forward or backward.

As I faced this same issue with my previous sprint phone, I knew the workaround. Let’s see how to bypass this screen easily with the help of below screenshots.


How to Bypass Configuring Your Phone on LG Tribute HD

lg tribute hd configuring your phone

After doing the factory reset I was on the first page of Setup Wizard i.e Accessibility Setting Page.

I moved forward to the Language selection page and then connected to a Wifi network.

lg tribute hd ls676 configuring your phone fix

As soon as I hit “NEXT” on the Internet Connection Page, I got stuck on the “Configuring your phone…” screen as shown above.

Now, the simple workaround is to press all the hardware keys together i.e Simultaneously Press the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button. You won’t be able to do it one go, but in few tries, you must get the skip option as shown in the last screenshot above.

I noticed a different scenario when I booted the phone without a sim card. After waiting for some time at the “Configuring your phone” screen I got a pop-up reminding me to insert the sim and reboot phone. When I hit OK I got the SKIP option.

So if you’re failing to get past this screen with the 3 button combination, you should try the second method.

Let me know which the 2 methods worked for you in the comment section below.

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  1. Ok but i got through all of that but after a black screen from self service keeps popping up saying if you are not on air with a representative press activate manually now. Ok so thenbi keep getting a notification that i need an update. The phobe was fine until i got that notification the very 1st timev& hit update now…

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