LG Tribute Dynasty Screen Replacement Cost, Kit & Guide – SP200

LG Tribute Dynasty is the 5th Tribute series phone after LG Tribute, Tribute 2, Tribute 5 & Tribute HD. Sprint’s LG Tribute series offers budget smartphones with bare minimum features.

They fall in the price bracket of $60-$100. In this price range, a Gorilla Glass is quite difficult to offer. As a result, the Screen is susceptible to damage even with a slight fall. The same is the case with the LG Tribute Dynasty. You should always use it with a Case and Screen Guard. However, if your screen is already damaged then the screen needs to be replaced.

There are 2 Scenarios –

  • In most of the cases, the Glass breaks but the Touchscreen still works. In such a case you would like to spend on the outer Glass Lens only. It’s cheaper than an LCD but more difficult to replace.
  • If the impact is severe it could damage the Touch Screen Digitizer and/or LCD. In such a case we need to replace the LCD assembly.

In this post, we are going to deal with both the scenarios one by and repair a broken Tribute Dynasty Glass on our own. So, Let’s proceed with the Troubleshooting –

How to Replace the LG Tribute Dynasty Screen

LG Tribute Dynasty Screen Replacement cost depends upon the replacement kit you purchase. There are 3 types of replacement kits. Let’s check them out one by one –


1. LG Tribute Dynasty Outer Glass Lens Cost

LG Tribute Dynasty Screen Replacement Cost

In more than 80% of the cases of screen damage, the outer glass breaks but the touchscreen remains intact. When this happens, you can replace the outer glass lens only. However, this is easier said than done.

Only a professional can replace the outer glass lens with precision. You need to use a heat gun to remove the broken glass. The LCD film is quite thin and can get damaged while pulling the broken glass pieces.

You can get the Tribute Dynasty outer Glass Lens for around $9.


2. LG SP200 LCD Assembly Cost

LG Tribute Dynasty LCD Replacement Cost

If your Dynasty Touchscreen has stopped responding or the LCD has turned all black due to damage, then we need to replace the whole LCD assembly.

Removing the LCD is quite easy. After detaching the LCD frame, we need to pull the broken glass pieces. The difficult part here is to paste the new LCD with the same precision as the factory fitting. For a non-professional, this is still a tough job.

You can buy the LG Dynasty SP200 LCD Assembly for around $17.

After getting the LCD Assembly, follow the below video for Dynasty Screen Replacement. The below video belongs to LG Aristo 2, which is the same model with a different name. The procedure would remain the same –


3. LG Dynasty LCD with Frame Cost

LG Tribute Dynasty LCD Frame Replacement Cost

The 3rd option is the costliest, yet the easiest among the 3. An LCD with Frame offers the same precision as the factory fitting. No one will be able to tell that the screen is replaced. The best part is you can do this on your own even if you’re doing it for the first time. Tribute Dynasty Sp200 LCD with Frame would cost around $22 which is just $5 more than an LCD Assembly without Frame.

If you’re doing this for the first time just make sure to place these few parts from the older frame to the newer one. We need to pull the Volume Rocker, Headphone Jack, Vibrator Motor, Camera Module, External Loud Speaker, Ear Speaker & Proximity Sensor from the old Frame and place it at the respective position in the new one.

The below video will help you in fixing the broken screen on your tribute dynasty. The video is made for LG Aristo 2 which is nothing but Tribute Dynasty with a different name –


Please share your outcome. Which option worked for you? Were you able to pull this off on your own?




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