LG Tribute HD LS676 & Tribute 5 LS675 Hidden Menu Boost Mobile

LG Tribute HD has a lot of secret dialer codes that you may not be aware of.

These codes take us to a secret menu and the most significant among them & not so secret one is the “Hidden Menu”. It’s meant for LG service technicians to do the troubleshooting. That may be the reason for keeping it hidden.

The menus over there are user-friendly. With little difficulty, I was able to test my sim card slot, sd card slot, proximity sensor, the 3 hardware buttons, display, touch, ringer, vibrator, camera, motion sensor, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS and FM radio.

LG Tribute HD LS676 & Tribute 5 LS675 Hidden Menu –


The hidden menu is the most useful secret menu with an extensive list of troubleshooting options. The hidden menu of Tribute HD was more useful up to LS676 Zv4 firmware. Since the Zv5 update, there are limited options only useful for troubleshooting. Previously it was possible to unlock Tribute HD for GSM networks by changing network mode in the Hidden Menu. If you’ve not updated tribute HD’s firmware yet, unlock it for GSM via Hidden Menu.




lg tribute hd hidden menu code

To access the hidden menu on Tribute HD, open the phone dialer and dial 5689#*676#

The above screenshot doesn’t show the # at the end.  You’ve to add it, to enter the hidden menu.


LG Tribute 5 Ls675 Hidden Menu –

The Hidden menu of LG Tribute 5 LS675 is just the same as Tribute HD. The only difference is in the hidden menu code. To enter Hidden Menu in LG Tribute 5 dial 5689#*675# instead of 676 and follow the below tutorial to test the device.


Hidden Menu – Device Test 

The first option in the Hidden Menu is “Device Test”. Click on it to proceed.

Now hit on “SAAT” as shown above. It’ll take us to Service Menu Test Page.

Here we’ll do the complete phone testing.

1. Auto-Detecting Item Test – 


tribute hd hidden menu manual device test

There are 2 ways to do the phone testing. The first one is the auto mode, wherein each parameter is tested automatically one by one. Watch the above video for “Auto Test” Mode.

In manual mode, we’re free to manually choose only those parameters, we’re interested in testing.

We’ll do the manual testing starting with “Auto-Detecting Item Test”

You can see the sim card, memory card, battery etc are detected thus passed in this test.

Long press the power button. Click on “PASS” or “FAIL” based on your test result.


2. Key Press Test – 


tribute hd proximity sensor and hardware keys test

In “Key press” test, the hardware buttons, as well as the proximity sensor, are tested.

We’ve to press the volume up, down and power key one by one, to test if they are working fine.

The proximity sensor is tested by blocking the sensor with the hand.

3. Display Check Test – 

tribute hd lcd test

In “Display Check Test”, the screen is completely turned black then white, thus testing the LCD.

4. Ring Test – 

tribute hd ringer test

Next is the Ring Test. If the phone starts ringing, the speaker is working fine.

If you’re facing sound problems, this test will identify whether it’s a hardware or software problem.

5. Vibrator Test – 

lg tribute hd vibration test

In this test, the vibrator will vibrate to it its full potential.

6. Motion Sensor Test – 

tribute hd motion sensor test

In the motion sensor test, we’ve to put the phone first on a flat surface.

If passed, it’ll say “Stand the phone horizontal”. So place it horizontally.


tribute hd accelerometer test

Finally keep the phone vertically to complete the motion sensor test.

It’ll automatically exit when all cases are passed.

7. Loop Back Test –

tribute hd audio loopback test

For the loopback test, we need AUX male-male audio cable.

This way the audio from the headphone jack and speaker are tested.

Select “Back” on the left-hand bottom. Now Select “PASS” or “FAIL” to exit this test.

8. GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi Test –

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  1. Using the patched Labs Version of LG-UP, you can downgrade and upgrade firmware builds. To prevent a forced OTA update, root the device and uninstall the LG_Update and FOTA system files, along with Self_Service, Sprint_Installer and other carrier bloatware. The ideal setup is to remain on rooted and debloated ZV4, with OTA updates completely disabled. Use ADB shell to get your MSL code to edit the parameters in the ##3282# menu.

  2. I was zv4. Unlocked the phone thru some 3rd party service for a fee. Had to use the hidden menu to add the apn and worked great on tmobile. As it was on wifi, it downloaded zv5 and keep asking me to upgrade. Did not want to do it for obvious reasons. Signed into google account and the update went on automatically. It basically locked itself back as it does not recognize my tmobile sim and i cannot access the hidden menu anymore to add apn. I am fuming. What a bunch of crap lg and boost, ghetto along with sprint. Can i downgrade to zv3? I hate this phone to go into the garbage as i will never use sprint or boost.

  3. I need help unblocking my LG Tribute HD through boost mobile.. I wanna go through a different plan and I need help. Please boost or someone.

    Thank you,

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