LG Tribute HD Boost Mobile LS676 Tribute 5 LS675 Secret/Dialer Codes

LG Tribute HD LS676 & Tribute 5 Ls675 has got 9 secret dialer codes in total. Each secret code reveals a secret menu which can be quite useful for software and hardware troubleshooting. These codes will work with each variant of Tribute HD & Tribute 5 including Sprint, Virgin, and Boost Mobile. Let’s got through the complete list of dialer codes starting with the Hidden Menu –



1. LG Tribute HD & Tribute 5 Hidden menu – 

The tribute HD hidden menu is quite comprehensive so there is a dedicated post that includes all Tribute HD & Tribute 5 device tests with the screenshot. Click here for the LG Tribute HD/Tribute 5 Hidden Menu

2. LG Tribute HD LS676 / Tribute 5 Ls675  Diag Mode (MSL/Service code is needed) –

In all Sprint CDMA cell phones, diag mode is very useful for CDMA programming. It was quite popular in the era of non-sim CDMA smartphones. Diag mode was useful in switching CDMA carriers. To enable diag mode a service/msl code is needed. You get it from boost mobile/ting/virgin mobile/sprint at the time of activation. You can also get it from Sprint tech support.

lg tribute hd diag service msl mode


To enter diag mode. Open the phone dialer of tribute HD and dial ##3424# (##DIAG#)

As soon as you’ll type the last # it’ll take you to diag mode.

To proceed further we need to add the 6 digit service code. I got it from boost mobile at the time of activation.

Yours will be different from mine so don’t enter the above-shown msl code.


tribute hd enable diag mode

As I entered the 6 digit code, I was taken to diag menu.

Here I can enable it. When enabled, the phone can be connected in “Charging Mode” to PC for CDMA programming.



3. Data Menu – ( MSL/Service Code is needed to Edit Values) 

Data Menu has all the options related to internet connectivity. Here we can view as well as edit the values. However, service code is needed to change the values.

tribute hd dialer code data menu

To enter data menu dial ##3282# (##DATA#)

Let’s select the 3rd option in the menu i.e LTE and try to Edit it.

tribute hd dialer code ##data#

I’ve entered the 6 digit service code and I’m allowed to change the settings.

4. Debug Menu – 

The Debug Menu in LG Tribute HD is meant for Hardware Debugging. It covers reception statistics, connectivity, and miscellaneous device information.

lg tribute hd debug menu

To enter Debug Menu, type ##33284# (##DEBUG#)

I have clicked on “Configuration”. It shows the hardware and software specifications of Tribute HD.

tribute hd secret code debug menu

Clicking on Bluetooth shows the Bluetooth Hardware details and supported profiles.

Watch the above video to go through all the options in Data Menu.

5. Reset The Network – ( MSL/Service Code Required ) 

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