LG Stylo 6 recovery mode, download mode & safe mode lm-q730

The recovery, download & safe mode are the 3 most useful modes of troubleshooting on the LG Stylo 6. Is your phone acting abnormally? Did the soft reset fail to restore your phone to a normal working state? Don’t worry we need to try the advanced troubleshooting steps.

The common Stylo 6 issues can be in the form of lagging, app crashes, overheating, sound problems, data not working, charging problems, black screen, not turning on, no service, not sending/receiving text messages, Bluetooth/Wifi problems, hotspot not working, etc.

The basic troubleshooting should always be a soft reset or force restart. If this doesn’t work, we need to try the safe mode. If safe mode fails to restore your phone, you need to reset the phone.

The internal storage data will get wiped during a factory reset. If the phone fails to boot to the home screen we can restore it by flashing the stock firmware in Download Mode.

In this post, we are going to learn how to access and use these different modes of troubleshooting on Stylo 6. So, Let’s get going –

How to put LG Stylo 6 in Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is mostly used to bypass the lock screen when you forget the screen password, pattern, or PIN. We can factory reset the Stylo 6 via Recovery Mode when locked out.

lg stylo 6 recovery mode


To put our Stylo 6 into recovery mode, we need to power off the phone.

Use the power button on the right to turn off the phone.

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LG Stylo 6 Dark Mode / Night Mode / Dark Theme – how to turn on

There are 4 ways to enable dark mode on LG Stylo 6. The dark theme works best in low light conditions and it enhances the battery life.

We can put our Stylo 6 into dark mode by turning on Night Mode, High Contrast screen, Maximum mode, or by applying a dark theme.

Let’s see how to do this in great detail with the help of the below video and screenshots –


How to get dark mode on LG Stylo 6

Let’s begin with the night mode –

1. LG Stylo 6 Night Mode

lg stylo 6 dark mode

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LG Stylo 6 dual screen/ split screen /multi window /qslide pop-up

A computer allows multitasking. We can work on multiple apps at once & can easily switch between the running programs. Don’t you feel we should get the same functionality on our Android smartphone?

With the LG Stylo 6, we get to do this quite easily. There are 2 ways to multitask on Stylo 6. In the first method, we can split the screen into 2 and work on 2 apps at once.  The 2nd method allows us to run an app in the foreground in a mini-window format also known as a pop-up window or Qslide.

Let’s explore both the ways to multitask on Stylo 6 is great detail with the help of the below screenshots  & video –

How to Split Screen/Multi Window on LG Stylo 6

Gestures Mode – Stylo 6 Dual Screen

The default mode of navigation on LG Stylo 6 is using gestures.

lg stylo 6 dual screen

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