Does LG Stylo 6 have wirless charging, nfc, screen mirroring, 5G?

LG Stylo 6 is the successor to Stylo 5. From the outside, it looks like a premium device. Thanks to its huge 6.8-inch display and glass back. But what about the internals?

Can we call it a true Stylo 5 successor? Let’s check out the Stylo 6 feature list. What it offers and where it lacks behind the competition with the help of the below questionnaire –

1. Does LG Stylo 6 have Wireless/Qi Charging? / Does LG Stylo 6 support wireless charging? /  Can LG Stylo 6 charge wirelessly?

Being a mid-range smartphone, Stylo 6 doesn’t offer wireless charging out of the box. The Qi charging is only offered on LG’s high-end devices belonging to V & G Series.

However, we can make Stylo 6 Qi-enabled with the help of a Qi receiver.


A Nillkin Qi receiver is attached to Stylo 6.

We can use a thin case to secure the Qi receiver’s flap and place it on a wireless charging pad.

For more details please check out the below article –

LG Stylo 6 Wireless Charging


2. Does the LG Stylo 6 have NFC Cricket/Boost/Metro?

Yes, LG Stylo 6 offers NFC. You can do contactless payments using Google Pay etc.

To turn on NFC, you need to pull down the notification panel and tap NFC as shown above.

Alternatively, you can enable it via the settings app



Open the Settings app –

Now, tap on “Connected devices” & toggle on “NFC” as shown above.


We need to hold the back of Stylo 6 against the NFC terminal to make a payment /share a file.

3. Does the LG Stylo 6 have Screen Mirroring/Casting/Chromecast/Miracast?

For Screen Mirroring, the phone should be Miracast enabled.

The casting option is found in the form of Cast, Screen Sharing, Smart View, etc.

Let’s search for these options in the Settings app –


I searched for all terms related to the screen mirroring on the settings app and at other places. I couldn’t find it anywhere on the phone.

However, we can still mirror our Stylo 6 screen to the TV. Let’s see how to do that –


LG Stylo 6 home screen being mirrored to the TV screen.

LG Stylo 6 Screen Mirroring

4. Does LG Stylo 6 have an IR Blaster/Sensor?

IR blaster allows us to use the phone as a remote control for home appliances.

Unfortunately, IR blaster is missing from most of the LG devices including the Stylo 6.

5. Does LG Stylo 6 have Screen Recording?


There is no native pre-installed Screen recording app on LG Stylo 6.

However, we can enable one-click recording on Stylo 6 via a 3rd party app from Play Store.

Let’s see how to turn on screen recording on LG Stylo 6 –

LG Stylo 6 Screen Recording



6. Does LG Stylo 6 have Wifi Calling Boost Mobile/Cricket/Metro?

Yes, all the LG Stylo 6 variants offer Wifi calling including Boost Mobile.

You can pull down the notification panel and turn on Wifi calling using the quick access icon as shown above.

Alternatively, we can turn on Wifi calling via the Settings app.

Open the Settings app and go to “Network & Internet” > “Wifi Calling”.

Toggle on Wifi calling and set the preference as “Cellular network preferred” or “Wifi Preferred”.

Tap the 3 dots icon to check out the Wifi calling tutorial.


The Wifi calling tutorial page.

7. Does LG Stylo 6 have HDMI ALT Mode/DP Alt Mode?

The HDMI Alt Mode or DP Alt Mode allows us to mirror the phone screen to the TV without Wifi internet.

A USB-C to HDMI adapter is used for Wired Screen Mirroring.

For this to work, the phone should offer DisplayPort Video Interface support.

Unfortunately, the DisplayPort support is offered only on high-end LG devices belonging to V & G Series.

Being a mid-ranger the Stylo 6 lacks HDMI/DP Alt Mode support.

8. Does LG Stylo 6 have a hotspot?

Yes, LG Stylo 6 offers Wifi tethering/Mobile Hotspot.

Open the Setting app and go to “Network & Internet”.

Now Go to “Tethering” > “Mobile Hotspot”.

In the next step, we need to configure the Mobile Hotspot.

I’ve set up 12345678 as the Wifi password.

We can learn more about the mobile hotspot during first-time use.

Hotspot allows us to share the mobile data with other devices.

The mobile hotspot is turned on. The SSID is LG Stylo 6 7393 and the wifi password is 12345678

The Mobile Hotspot is active. Turn on Wifi on your other phone or laptop and connect to the LG Stylo 6 wifi hotspot.

9. Does LG Stylo 6 have 5G?

No, LG Stylo 6 is a 4G LTE phone. The only budget LG smartphone with 5G compatibility is K92.

10. Does LG Stylo 6 have Gorilla Glass?

On the official LG Stylo 6 specs page, it’s nowhere mentioned that it uses a Gorilla Glass Display.

However, it uses a Tempered Glass Display with a MIL Standard Drop Test Rating (MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6, Procedure IV “Transit Drop”).


11. Does LG Stylo 6 have Fast Charging?

Yes, LG Stylo 6 offers Quick Charge 3.0 support. You can charge the battery from 0-50% in around 30 minutes.

The Fast Charger is included in the Box.

The Accelerated charging symbol is indicated in the above screenshot.



12. Does the LG Stylo 6 have Face Unlock/Face Recognition/Facetime?

No. It’s quite disappointing. I find face unlocking more convenient than the Fingerprint scanner.

You can see there is no “Face Recognition” option on the “Select Screen Lock” page on Stylo 6.

LG Stylo 5 offers Facial Recognition. Can we call LG Stylo 6 an upgrade over Stylo 5?

LG Aristo 2 Smart Unlock - Trusted Face

Even my entry-level LG Aristo 2 has the Face Unlock feature in the form of “Smart Lock-Trusted Face” as shown above.

13. Does LG Stylo 6 have an LED notification light?


On LG phones, the LED Notification Light is found by the name of “Blink LED”. Let’s search for it in the Settings app.

I’ve searched for every term related to LED Notification light with the same output “No Results found”.


Here comes another big disappointment. LG Stylo 6 lacks the LED notification light. Even the LG K51 from a segment lower than the Stylo series offers a “Blink LED”.

The Notification light is also present on the Stylo 6 predecessor i.e. Stylo 5.

In the absence of Notification Light, we can use the “Flash Alerts” option on the Stylo 6.

Open the Settings app and select the last option i.e. “Accessibility”.

Now, select “Hearing” and toggle on “Flash Alerts”.

The rear LED flash will blink for incoming calls, messages, and alarms.


Does LG Stylo 6 have a Back button?

Yes. The default mode of navigation on the LG Stylo 6 is Gestures. We can change the Navigation style and restore the Home, Back, and Recent apps buttons.

Learn how to do that –

LG Stylo 6 Back, Home & Recent Apps Buttons



Does LG Stylo 6 have an Always-on display?

No. The Always-on display is offered on phones with an AMOLED screen. It consumes less battery than a regular IPS display.

As Stylo 6 comes with an IPS display it lacks the Always-on feature.

We can use a 3rd party app from the Play Store to use Always-on on the Stylo 6.


Let’s check out the rest of the Stylo 6 features with the help of the below table –

All the LG Stylo 6 features in a Tabular Form

Does LG Stylo 6 have? 
NFC / Google Pay
An IR Blaster / Infrared / IR Sensor
Wireless Charging / Qi Charging
Screen Mirroring / Smart View / Miracast
Wifi Calling
HDMI ALT Mode / DP Alt Mode
Mobile Hotspot
Gorilla Glass
A Removable Battery
A Notification Light
A Sim Card Slot
A Good CameraAverage
A Back Button
Always on Display
A QR Scanner
A Flashlight
A Calendar
Dual Screen / Split Screen
Expandable Memory / SD Card Slot
Fast Charging / Quick Charge Support
Face Recognition / Facetime / Facial Recognition / Face Unlock
Fingerprint Sensor
A Flashlight
Fortnite Support
GIF keyboard
Glass Back
Guest Mode
Gyroscope / VR Support
Headphone Jack
Slow Motion
MHL / HDMI Support
Predictive Text
Stylus Pen
Screen Recording
Video Calling


Are you happy with the LG Stylo 6? Please share your experience in the comment section below.

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