LG Stylo 6 Back & Home Button – How to close apps

The default mode of navigation on LG Stylo 6 is using Gestures. The navigation bar with home touch buttons is missing on Stylo 6. It’s quite difficult to manage without the home, back & overview buttons.

The gestures can be learned, but it gets quite annoying when there is no back button on some screens. The good thing is we can quite easily get back the old navigation bar with the home, back, and recent apps buttons.  Let’s see how to do that –

LG Stylo Home, Back & Recent Apps Button – Navigation Bar

lg stylo 6 navigation bar

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LG Stylo 6 lock screen bypass – forgot password, pin, pattern q730

Are you locked out on your LG Stylo 6 due to the forgotten password, pattern, or PIN? Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.

First of all, let’s try to restore our phone without doing a reset. The factory reset wipes the internal storage data. Let’s try to get back to the home screen without losing precious data.

This method should work on all the LG Stylo 6 variants i.e. Stylo 6 Metro lmq730mm, Boost Mobile  lmq730tm3, T-Mobile lmq730tmw, Spectrum lmq730qm6, Cricket lmq730am4, US Cellular lmq730qm0, Verizon lmq730vmw & Factory Unlocked lmq730qm7.

LG Stylo 6 locked out – lock screen bypass without reset lmq730

lg stylo 6 lock screen bypass

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LG Tribute Empire/Royal Firmware Update Stuck

The firmware update screen on Tribute Empire & Royal is used to flash the stock firmware. This way we can restore a bricked/dead device. The firmware update screen is also known as download mode.

If you’ve accidentally landed on the firmware update screen, we need to find out the root before fixing this issue.

Let’s see how to do this –

LG Tribute Royal/Empire/Dynasty Stuck on Firmware Update – How to Fix

1. Due to a bad Micro USB Cable/Wall Charger

lg tribute empire firmware update stuck

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