How to Stop OTA Firmware Update in LG Tribute 5 LS675

Cell phone makers want us to keep our device updated with the latest Android software. So the default settings are as such, that the phone keeps on looking for OTA update. Whenever a new firmware update is available, it gets downloaded over wifi. You can see the download progress in the notification tray. It’ll stay there, till the time you install it.

Now normally you would like to have the latest android software, but in case your phone is rooted it’s better to put a hold on updates. Let’s see why –

With the root in place, the update won’t install successfully. It’ll stop at some point with an error. It may also soft brick your device. Even if it gets installed, it may break your root. So it’s better to stay away from it when you’re rooted.

LG Tribute 5 – How to Block OTA System Update 


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To stop receiving updates the first thing we should do is change the default settings.

For this, Go to Settings < About Phone < Update Center as shown above.

In Update Center, Select the 3 dot icon on Top Right & Click on “Settings”

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Select the 2nd option i.e “Auto-Update Apps” . You can see, by default, it’s set to Update “via Wifi”. We’ve to turn it OFF.

Now Select “Update Notification Cycle”. By default,  it’s set to weekly notification update. We’ll turn this OFF as well, as shown in the first screenshot below.

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After doing the above changes, you shouldn’t receive any System Update notification. This worked for me. I applied the same settings on LG Tribute 2 as well.

Do let me know if this has worked for you or not. If the above steps are unable to stop the Update, we’ve to block few System apps related to Update via Debloater Windows App. If necessary, I’ll update this post with further steps. Do post your feedback via the comment section below.

LG Tribute 5 – How to delete Downloaded System Update from Notification Tray

Have you already received a System Update in Notification Tray before blocking it via above settings ?
It is not going to install on its own but you may hit it accidently, so it’s better to get rid of it. To remove the downloaded file from notification bar follow the steps below –


Temporary Solution  – Hide the System Update File

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The quick and temporary solution to get rid of this notification is by disabling “Gooogle Play Services”, notifications.

To achieve this, Long Press the “System Update” notification, you’ll see “Google Play Services” with an “i” symbol on right.

Select it & you’ll be on “Google Play Services” Page. Check the first option i.e “Show no notifications from this app”.
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After doing the above step, you’ll notice the “System Update” notification is gone.

This is a temporary solution. The Software Update file is not deleted yet. If you’ll  “Reset app preferences” in Settings<Apps. The notification will return back after a reboot.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for sharing this.
    I’d like to know what it mean by the device being “rooted”.
    I for instance always get an error whenever my tribute 5 turns off on installing system udate. Then after a while, it turns back on.

    Can I get some more explanation to all this?
    Thanks again.

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