LG Tribute 2 – Replace Kingroot with SuperSU

Now install terminal emulator app, type command su and hit enter.




If a popup prompts for root access “allow” it




Now type sh sdcard/mrw/root.sh and hit Enter


Replace Kingroot with Superuser

You’ll see few error commands and at last SuperSU app will open on its own.

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You need to update SU binary to complete the installation. Select “Continue to update SU binary as visible in the first picture above.

In next step,  it’ll ask to choose recovery for the binary update. Make sure you click on “NORMAL” or else your phone may get stuck in a boot loop as you’ve stock recovery.  Once the installation gets completed you’ll get a confirmation in the form of “Installation Sucess” Phone needs to be rebooted. Click on Reboot option.

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When the phone will turn back on, kingroot will be gone and SuperSU will take its place as rooting app. You can update it to the latest version via PlayStore.

There is one paid app called Super-Sume in Play Store which does the same job of replacing kingroot with SuperSU. I haven’t tried it yet as the above free solution worked for me. If you’ve tried and it worked for you do let us know.

If you’re stuck at some point or facing any issue feel free to share it via the comment section below.

26 thoughts on “LG Tribute 2 – Replace Kingroot with SuperSU

  1. What you need to do is uninstall latest Kingroot, and installed Kingroot 4.1 or lower… Re-Gain root.. Then I follow the rest of your instructions and everything will go perfect!

  2. HEllo, i have been trying to get passed the second part of the installation process with the emulator. when i type in sh sdcard/mrw/root.sh the only part the loads up is the first failure [delete_failed_internal_error] and after that nothing else loads up. how do i get passed this issue?

  3. i got to the error commands and I got a pop up on my phone that said kingroot. kinguser has stop working. i pressed ok but it wouldnt go away. i restarted my phone and I attempted to rerun the su window but it will not allow me to go further then typing SU please help.

  4. I had the current version of Kingroot installed and it would not remove it or let me update SuperSU.
    What I did was uninstall latest Kingroot, and installed Kingroot 4.1… Re-Gained root.. Then I followed the rest of your instructions and everything went perfect!

  5. Hey,

    Thank you for getting back to me so soon, I appreciate your help. Unfortunately, Round 2 isn’t going so well. I managed to get rid of the message form SuperSU that I was previously experiencing, but now there are new problems. Please note that I’ve followed the directions of the post you directed me to. Upon following this method, I recognized issues that I didn’t recognize before, as well as fighting off a few new problems.

    So I was unaware that FlashFire should work without SuperSU working properly, as I thought they went hand-in-hand. My FlashFire app has NEVER recognized my root, no matter what I used to root my phone, so it was never available for me to utilize in the first place.

    The methods I’ve used to root my phone are as follows:

    In the beginning, I used KingoRoot, thinking that a simple root was the first step in the right direction, unawares of the special case of my particular phone. When I realized that I couldn’t use custom recovery on my phone due to a locked bootloader, I pursued a strategy for my specific phone, that led me here. I uninstalled KingoRoot and removed the root, as it was not mentioned here.

    I then installed KingRoot, as per the ‘switcheroo’ instructions here. I simply typed “KingRoot” into my google browser and downloaded what I assume to be the latest version, and rooted my phone via this program.

    I’ve used this program to root in this exact fashion on every attempt of this tiresome process.

    For this round, I found SuperSU ME, supposedly making the replacement process easier. This actually resulted in KingRoot being stuck on my phone. I had to go into the actual KingRoot app to remove it because it started the force closing fiasco as I tried replacing it with SuperSU ME. Bastard….

    Please let me know if I should stick to the longer method without SuperSU ME, not sure if it matters.

    Also, another side note. You and everyone in every post I’ve been reading mention ‘flashing the binary zip file’. Again, I’m sure this would make more sense if FlashFire was working, but, I cannot move the actual zip file into my internal storage as the tutorial suggests, but only extract it there from my Downloads. I’m sure this will be a problem after I figure out my FlashFire issue.

    At this point, getting a functional SuperSU on my phone seems an impossible feat, so I await more pointers. Please let me know what information you need to help me better, as I’m sure I’m leaving important things out.

    Sorry for the novel.

    Thank You!

    • I have heard reports of bricking with SuperSume. It’s better to try terminal emulator method. You can place zip file anywhere & browse for it when in flashfire

  6. Hello,

    Completely new to all of this, and have spent hours on my LG Tribute 2 trying to root my phone and utilize the root all with superSU. Rooting it with KingoRoot and KingRoot is easy enough, but replacing it is proving tricky. I’ve done EVERYTHING outlined in this two-page guide, and even utilized the comments and made sure that KingRoot wasn’t a device admin before I ran the script.

    The problem comes after I run the script. I see all the lines and messages that I’m supposed to, and superSU opens up. But when it opens, the exact message is:

    ” There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!

    If you just upgraded to Android 5.0, you need to manually re-root – consult the relevant forums for your device!”

    I didn’t just upgrade to Android 5.0, I have 5.1 and have for awhile.

    My device, as far as I know, was already rooted with KingRoot.

    Super frustrated at this point, and I’m not sure how to fix this issue.

    Any suggestions?


  7. Thanks for your immediate reply to all members. Amazing.

    I just checked up my LS675 with root checker
    it confirms my phone has been already rooted.

    The displayed details are as follows

    Root Access
    access granted

    su found
    Version: kingo 14

    Unix Utils

    Can I replace the kingo su with superSU following the steps
    as given in https://lgtribute.com/replace-kingroot-supersu-lg-tribute-2/

    Please help me.

  8. “type sh sdcard/mrw/root.sh and hit Enter”
    Even if I do not have sdcard in the phone, should I still type in sh sdcard/mrw/root.sh ? Thank you so much!

  9. Outstanding set of tutorials, thanks! I went from unboxing all the way to a fresh superSU without a hitch. (There is a minor typo on the replace-kingroot page: “Now type sh mrw/sdcard/root and hit enter”.)

  10. Here is a solution I found:
    1) run Kingroot to root phone
    2) Install busybox
    3) Kingroot sets itself as device admin, which prevents it from being uninstalled.
    so uncheck in Security > Device Administrators
    4) Now run the script per instructions, etc.

  11. Installed Kingroot v4.9.5-149, then I installed busybox.
    Downloaded zip with mrw, and followed instructions
    Replacing Kingroot with SuperSu did not work.
    When SuperSu ran for the first time, SuperSu detected that Kingroot was still installed. SuperSu then wanted to uninstall Kingroot which I said yes to. The uninstall of Kingroot by SuperSu failed.
    Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance

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