LG Tribute 2 – Replace Kingroot with SuperSU

NOTE : This method is applicable to LG Tribute 5 LS675 as well

In the recent years, Kingroot has gained immense popularity being only root solution for many android phones. It’s a Chinese app and it installs its own superuser app called Kinguser instead of SuperSU

Kingroot does the job of rooting your LG Tribute 2 but it’s not as reliable as SuperSu. There are several reports of bricking and force close errors, after bloatware removal. Moreover, if you want to install Xposed framework in LG Tribute 2 SuperSU is a must have. You may be aware that there is no custom recovery for LG Tribute 2 as of now. So, the only way to flash Xposed framework is via FlashFire. Now, Flashfire  detects root access only if SuperSu is installed. So all in all, in order to flash Xposed & to prevent your phone from bricking you must get rid of Kingroot. 

Thanks to W0lfdroid for this easy method for LG Tribute 2, LG Tribute 5 and many other android smartphones.

LG Tribute 2 – How to Replace SuperSU with Kingroot, Step by Step Tutorial –

For this, you first need to download a folder containing superuser files and terminal emulator app. Below is the download link containing necessary files.


Extract the downloaded zip file above. It contains


  1. mrw folder
  2. Terminal Emulator Apk

LG Tribute 2 – Replace Kingroot with SuperSU, Step by Step Tutorial –

1 2 3


Once the file is downloaded, Open the File manager and look for the downloaded zip folder. Click on the zip file to extract it.

4 5 6



The “Tribute 2 – Replace Kingroot …” folder is extracted. Open it and look for “mrw folder. We’ve to move the mrw folder to Internal Storage.  To do this, click on the “3 dot icon” on the top left corner and select “Move”. Now “check” the mrw folder and click on “Move” as shown in the last picture above.


7 8 9

We’ve to move the folder to Internal Memory. So select “Internal Storage” then “OK”. The folder is now in Internal Storage.

LG Tribute 2 LS665 Root One Click 5.1.1 – Virgin & Boost Mobile

When I bought Virgin Mobile LG Tribute 2 a couple of months ago, I tried all the latest rooting methods for LG Android phones, out of those only Kingroot worked.
It’s a Chinese app and it installs its own superuser app called Kinguser instead of SuperSU. Rooting via Kingroot is a one-click method which can be done directly from your phone, No PC is needed.

Follow the steps below to easily root your Tribute 2 LS665 via Kingroot. This method should work with other phones as well. As of now, I have rooted LG Tribute 2, Tribute 5, LG Volt 2, LG Optimus F3, Samsung Prevail LTE & ZTE Speed with Kingroot.

The latest version of Kingroot is 4.9.6 but I have rooted with 4.5. It doesn’t matter, anyways you’ll need to replace it with SuperSu, once the phone gets rooted. I’ll tell you later why we should replace Kingroot with SuperSU.

You can download the apk file from below link –


     1 2 3

One your download gets completed, click on the apk file for installation

To install Kingroot we need to check “Unknown Sources” in Settings<Security as shown in the screenshots above.

    4 5 6

You’ve to be online for this app to work. When you’ll run the app for the first time, it’ll verify the root status of your phone.

  7 8 13

Don’t worry if it says “Root access is Unavailable”. I got this message for almost all the phones I tried, but it got them rooted. So just click on “Try to root”  It will do its thing and once it reaches 100%, your phone is rooted, simple isn’t it.

Now that you’re rooted you might be tempted to click on “Uninstall tool” to remove unwanted apps/bloatware at the earliest. I would advise you against this, as I’ve seen quite a few people on forums stuck with bricked LG Tribute 2 after removing bloatware with kingroot. Kingroot is also reported to act as spyware. I don’t know how true is this, but to be on the safe side, it’s better to get it replaced with SuperSU once you’re rooted. After all, Superuser is way too reliable as compared to this Chinese app.

    9 10 11

If for some reason you want to return your phone back to factory state, just follow these steps to unroot it.

Tap on settings icon at the top right corner, select Root authorization settings and click on “Remove Root Permission”. A popup will appear asking for confirmation. Click on “Continue”, it’ll remove root, the app will close & must be gone from the app drawer.

If you were successful in rooting LG Tribute 2 by any other rooting method, do share it via comments below.

LG Tribute 5 LS675 GSM Unlock for AT&T, T-Mobile and other GSM carriers

If you own LG Tribute HD LS676 please follow this Tutorial – LG Tribute HD LS676 GSM Unlock


Last month when I saw LG Tribute 5 Boost Mobile for $40 on Amazon & BestBuy, I was tempted to buy it. The only reason for holding back was the incompatibility with RingPlus. Until recently, April 17 to be precise, Sprint prepaid phones easily got activated with RingPlus (Sprint MVNO).  In fact, I’m still using LG Tribute 2 Virgin Mobile with Ringplus.  I’m not much inclined towards Boost, as it offers the same Sprint service as Ringplus for a higher price.

With a little research I found that Tribute 5 LS675 is a Global phone, so if its GSM part can be unlocked I can very well use it for domestic GSM carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS etc under BYOD program.
After a lot of reading on XDA forums, I realised that it can be unlocked in the same manner as Sprint LG G3. So, as soon as I got the phone from Amazon, I worked on it and Voila! it got unlocked.

I have written a step by step guide with screenshots. Just follow this easy tutorial and get your LG Tribute 5 GSM unlocked.
The prerequisites before following this guide are –

1. Bypass Activation
2. Root

Now that you’ve rooted your phone, Let’s proceed with the GSM Unlocking Process –

We’ll need 2 apps for this whole process which are Root Explorer and Build.Prop Editor.

We’ve to replace 2 files via Root Explorer, which are node.db and node.db-journal.

You can download these apps and the required files from below download link.


Extract the zip file and install both apk’s. Transfer the files, node.db and node.db-journal to your phone’s internal storage or external sd card.

LG Tribute 5 GSM Unlocking Step by Step Tutorial – 

panorama 2 3 4


Open Root Explorer and Mount it as R/W as shown above.

You can see two Partitions on top “Root” & “Storage”. The “Root” partition contains System Files and “Storage” has Phone Memory and External SD Card. Browse for the downloaded node.db and node journal files.

5 6 7

Select Both Files. Click on “Copy” Icon

Proceed to Root Partition, Look for Carrier Folder and select it.

Inside the Carrier folder, you’ll find Apps folder open it and paste the copied files here, by selecting “Copy Here” option as shown in the first screenshot below.

8 9 10

Replace the existing files with new ones.

Now you have to change the file permission as it was before for existing file. For this long press on the first file i.e node.db and Select “Permissions”.


11 12 13

After changing the value it should look as above. The top left 4 boxes should be checked. Based on the permissions the CHMOD value should be generated as 0660.