LG Tribute 2 LS665 Secure Booting Error Code 1003

LG Tribute 2 LS665 has Locked Bootloader. That means Custom Recovery, such as TWRP cannot be flashed successfully.  If you’ll attempt to Flash TWRP file of a similar model such as LG Leon or LG Risio, via Flashify or some other app, it will get flashed, but your phone won’t boot due to Locked Bootloader.  The signature is incorrect so it’ll result in a soft brick. As LG Leon and Risio have Unlocked Bootloaders they support TWRP as well as Custom ROMs.

Error 1003

The recovery mode will show Secure Booting Error with Error Code 1003. Now, if you’re unable to get past this error screen on every boot, then your phone is soft bricked and can be recovered only by flashing the LS665 stock firmware.

It may also happen that your LS665 won’t brick but will display this error on every boot. To solve this issue we’ve to flash stock recovery via Flashify.

Before proceeding, Let’s download the necessary files via below download link. The zip file contains LS665 Stock Recovery Image File and Flashify Apk.  Extract it and install Flashify. Transfer the Stock Recovery Image to your Phone’s Internal Storage or External SD Card.


LG LS665 Flash Stock Recovery via Flashify – 


1 2 3

When you’ll run Flashify for the first time It’ll display a warning message, Accept it.

If a Popup with Root Access Prompt Appears, Grant Root Access

Now select the second option i.e Recovery Image

4 5 6

We’ve to flash Stock Recovery so select the first option, Choose a File and Browse for the downloaded Ls665 Stock Recovery.img file.

Please confirm to flash the recovery image. You’re done. Secure Booting Error won’t show up anymore.

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LG Tribute 2 User Manual Download – Sprint, Boost & Virgin Mobile

User Manual is getting obsolete. Maybe for the same reason, it is getting omitted from the sales package of most of the phones. Nowadays, only a basic Get Started Guide is supplied with smartphones, that is what I got with LG Tribute 2 LS665.

Do you remember when was the last time, you were stuck somewhere and you went through User Manual instead of searching online? I don’t remember when i did this last time. In the present scenario, a User Guide is needed, only if the data I’m looking for is not available online. However, a User Manual comes in handy for Entry Level phones as they are usually neglected (online), as compared to high-end devices. LG Tribute 2 is one such device.

Tribute 2 User Manual

LG Tribute 2 LS665 is available with different names and covered by almost all major US carriers. LS Risio(Cricket), LG Leon(T-Mobile & MetroPCS) and LG Destiny(Tracfone) are GSM, whereas LG Power (Tracfone) and LG Tribute Duo (Sprint) are its CDMA variants. They all share the same hardware and software. The User Interface may slightly differ. The other differences are Color and Battery Capacity. LG Leon has a smaller capacity battery, but the battery size is identical.

Based on the variant that you own, you can download the respective user manual. For Example, if you want to Download LG Tribute 2 Boost Mobile  LS665 User Guide in English, following the LS665 download link below, will take you to LG Support page. Here, Click on “Manuals & Documents” & download the first PDF file as shown in the screenshot below.

LG User Manual Download
LG Tribute 2 Virgin, Boost Mobile and LG Tribute Duo Sprint –


LG Power TracFone CDMA L22C  –


LG Destiny TracFone GSM L21G User Manual in Spanish Only –


LG Leon T-Mobile Owner’s Manual & Quick Start Guide –


LG Leon Metro PCS –


LG Risio Cricket –


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LG Tribute 2 LS665 Xposed Framework – How to Flash

LG Tribute 2 & Tribute 5 have locked Bootloader.  This means custom recovery cannot be flashed and as result custom ROMs are not a possibility. A custom ROM brings a lot of handy tweaks, and the reputed ones such as CyanogenMOD, MIUI etc are as stable and user-friendly as stock android.

If the bootloader of your phone is locked and you cannot flash custom ROM, in such a case Xposed comes to the rescue. In iOS (iPhone’s operating system), you must have noted there is no possibility of flashing custom ROM. After jailbreaking your iPhone,  any of the tweaks are applied by adding sources via Cydia. Xposed works in the same way for Android.

Initially, it was not possible to flash Xposed framework without a custom recovery, but now it can be done via FlashFire app.

Before you follow this guide, your LG Tribute 2 must be rooted with SuperSu as root is not detected by FlashFire if done via Kingroot. So, if your Ls665 is rooted with Kingroot, the first thing you should do is replace it with SuperSu,

Now that you have SuperSU installed, download FlashFire via Play Store or download the below package. It contains the required files along with flashfire apk.


Extract the zip file and transfer the folder to your phone’s internal storage/sd card.

The downloaded folder contains –

Xposed Framework v85
Xposed installer apk
FlashFire Apk


LG Tribute 5 Flash Xposed Framework, Step by Step Guide –


1 2 3

Install Flashfire and open it. Click on the “+” icon.

Now select “Flash ZIP or OTA” option. Browse for the downloaded Xposed Framework file and select it