LG Tribute 5 How to Bypass Google Account

If you own LG Tribute HD LS676 Please Follow this TutorialLG Tribute HD LS676 Bypass Google Account

Phone Thefts are on a rise. When you phone gets lost, along with it goes your confidential data. To make sure that no one has access to your private data apple introduced icloud lock. It makes the phone unusable as the
phone cannot be accessed without entering the Apple ID and passcode.

Following the same trend, Google introduced a similar feature called Factory Reset Protection (FRP)  in android lollipop 5.1 If your phone gets stolen and screen lock is enabled, the only way to reset the phone would be via Recovery. Now after doing a hard reset via recovery the setup process will get stuck at one point where it’ll ask to sign in with your previous google account.

But there is a loophole in this google’s lock feature which lets you bypass google account screen. So if in case you’ve reset your phone via recovery and forgotten your google account details, just follow this guide and bypass
google account.

Tutorial – How to Bypass Google Account in LG Tribute 5 , Step by Step Procedure


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The first step is to go back to the initial setup screen

Touch Accessibility, and say “Yes” to confirmation popup

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On the next screen Select “Motor & Cognition”, Now turn on Touch Assitant as shown in the second image above.

A human figure will appear on the bottom right. Touch it & a screen will pop up.

Select Home, it’ll take you to Google Now page.

How to Bypass Activation Screen in LG Tribute 5 LS675

If you own LG Tribute HD LS676 Please Follow this Tutorial – LG Tribute HD LS676 Activation Bypass

I find LG Tribute 5 LS675 from Boost Mobile as one the best value for money offerings , but the high priced monthly plans of Boost are a big turn off. When I bought LG Tribute 5 from Boost Mobile, I was clear that I’ll unlock and use
it as a GSM phone. If you’re in the same boat then without activating the phone you can just bypass the activation process, root your phone and unlock it for any GSM network worldwide. Bypassing activation screen is quite a simple process. Insert battery, turn on the phone and follow this easy step by step process.


Tutorial – LG Tribute 5 Ls675 Activation Bypass 

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When you turn your LG Tribute 5 for the first time, you’ll land on Accessibility settings page. Click next and proceed to Language selection page.

Select your preferred language and click next.

 Now you’re on Wifi setup screen you can either connect to your Wifi network or just skip it. Wifi setup can be done later as well.

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As soon as you click next on wifi setup page you’ll see a Hands Free Activation Popup. It will try to activate the phone for quite some time but as the phone is not activated yet, it will stop and show Network error. Click OK to proceed

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As the activation failed, It’ll say your phone is not configured you can skip this step. Just hit on “Skip” and proceed.

In the second screenshot above you’ll notice there is no option to skip this step. This happened once when I did a factory reset on my LS675 via recovery. I was stuck at this screen while completing the setup wizard.  At this point, you’ve to press and hold, Power, volume up & volume down buttons, simultaneously. On doing this correctly, you’ll get the skip option as in the second picture above.

LG Tribute 2 – Replace Kingroot with SuperSU

NOTE : This method is applicable to LG Tribute 5 LS675 as well

In the recent years, Kingroot has gained immense popularity being only root solution for many android phones. It’s a Chinese app and it installs its own superuser app called Kinguser instead of SuperSU

Kingroot does the job of rooting your LG Tribute 2 but it’s not as reliable as SuperSu. There are several reports of bricking and force close errors, after bloatware removal. Moreover, if you want to install Xposed framework in LG Tribute 2 SuperSU is a must have. You may be aware that there is no custom recovery for LG Tribute 2 as of now. So, the only way to flash Xposed framework is via FlashFire. Now, Flashfire  detects root access only if SuperSu is installed. So all in all, in order to flash Xposed & to prevent your phone from bricking you must get rid of Kingroot. 

Thanks to W0lfdroid for this easy method for LG Tribute 2, LG Tribute 5 and many other android smartphones.

LG Tribute 2 – How to Replace SuperSU with Kingroot, Step by Step Tutorial –

For this, you first need to download a folder containing superuser files and terminal emulator app. Below is the download link containing necessary files.


Extract the downloaded zip file above. It contains


  1. mrw folder
  2. Terminal Emulator Apk

LG Tribute 2 – Replace Kingroot with SuperSU, Step by Step Tutorial –

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Once the file is downloaded, Open the File manager and look for the downloaded zip folder. Click on the zip file to extract it.

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The “Tribute 2 – Replace Kingroot …” folder is extracted. Open it and look for “mrw folder. We’ve to move the mrw folder to Internal Storage.  To do this, click on the “3 dot icon” on the top left corner and select “Move”. Now “check” the mrw folder and click on “Move” as shown in the last picture above.


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We’ve to move the folder to Internal Memory. So select “Internal Storage” then “OK”. The folder is now in Internal Storage.