LG Stylo 6 wireless charging/qi enabled – wireless adapter & pad capability

The current LG Flagship device is Velvet 5G. If you place the LG Velvet and Stylo 6 side by side, they feel from the same league.

From the outside, the Stylo 6 looks like a premium device. Thanks to its 6.8-inch display and the Glass back. LG Velvet shares the same screen size as Stylo 6.

In reality, Stylo 6 is a budget smartphone with an entry-level MediaTek P35 processor. On the other hand, the Velvet is equipped with a high-end Snapdragon 765G Processor. For the price of a Velvet, you can get three Stylo 6 smartphones!

Being a flagship device, LG Velvet offers Wireless Charging out of the box. This feature is not a deal-breaker but difficult to part with once you get used to it. We cannot expect Qi charging support from Stylo 6 at a budget price of $179.

However, the good thing is we can easily make it wireless charging capable. Let’s see how to do that –

Does LG Stylo 6 have Wireless Charging?/Can LG Stylo 6 charge wirelessly?

Stylo 6 doesn’t offer wireless charging out of the box. To make it Qi-enabled we need a wireless charging adapter and a charging pad. Let’s check out the procedure –


lg stylo 6 wireless charging adapter

I’m using a high-quality USB Type-C Nillkin Wireless Charger receiver.

does lg stylo 6 have wireless charging?

This adapter will go inside the charging port of LG Stylo 6.

lg stylo 6 wireless charging capability

We need to insert the wireless adapter into Stylo 6’s USC-C charging port as shown above.

can lg stylo 6 charge wirelessly

We have successfully connected the Nillkin Qi receiver to Stylo 6.

lg stylo 6 qi enabled

Our Stylo 6 is ready for wireless charging.

The Flap of the Nillkin adapter will rest on the back of the phone. You can use a thin case to hold the flap.

Now, we just need to place our phone on a wireless charging pad to begin charging.


lg stylo 6 wireless charger

Here is the Wireless charging pad.


lg stylo 6 wireless charging pad

It’s a cheap non-branded charging pad just for testing. It doesn’t offer QC 3.0 fast charging support. You should buy a branded charging pad with Fast Charging support for practical use.

lg stylo 6 qi charger

The charging pad can have a Micro USB or USB-C port. It doesn’t matter. We need to power the charging pad using a Wall charger/AC Adapter.

lg stylo 6 wireless charging capability

The charging pad is powered on. Let’s place out Stylo 6 on the wireless charger.



can lg stylo 6 charge wirelessly

The blue light indicates that the phone is charging.

wireless charging lg stylo 6

Check out the close-up shot. The Stylo 6 is charging wirelessly.

does the lg stylo 6 have wireless charging

This is how the arrangement looks like from the back. A thin case will secure the back flap.

Now, let’s shop for the wireless charger for Stylo 6 –

I’ve shortlisted the highest-rated and best-selling Qi receiver and wireless charging pad for LG Stylo 6. Let’s check them out as follows –

Best Wireless Charging Adapter for LG Stylo 6

We need to use a high-quality Qi receiver for effective charging. Don’t fall for a non-branded cheap Qi adapter.

LG Stylo 6 Nillkin Wireless Charger receiver

lg stylo 6 nillkin wireless charging adapter

While shopping for the wireless charging adapter, make sure you choose the USB Type-C variant for Stylo 6.

Nillkin offers the highest quality Qi receiver for around $13.99 at Amazon.

There is a short and long version. The one I used was a long version of the Nillkin adapter.

The next thing we need to shop for is the wireless charging pad.


Top 5 best selling Wireless Charging pads for LG Stylo 6

You cannot go wrong with any of the Qi chargers listed below –

LG Stylo 6 Anker Wireless Charger

lg stylo 6 anker wireless charger

Anker wireless charger is the No. 1 bestseller in the wireless charger category on Amazon. Its high-rating above 4 stars speak for itself.

It retails for around $11.99 at Amazon. The price will reduce further with a 10% discount coupon. It comes with a USB cable but there is no AC adapter in the sales package. It does offer fast charging support.


LG Stylo 6 Anker Wireless Charging Stand

lg stylo 6 anker wireless charging stand

The next wireless charger is also from Anker but in the form of a charging stand. It saves you from searching for the sweet spot when placing your phone on the charger. Moreover, you can use the phone while charging.

The features are almost the same but cost a little more than the Anker charging pad. The current price of Anker Qi charging stand on Amazon is $18.99.

LG Stylo 6 Letscom Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger

lg stylo 6 letscom wireless charger

The 3rd Qi charger on our list is the Letscom ultra-slim wireless charger. It’s the cheapest yet highly rated charger on our list. It’s an ultra-slim charger with fast charging support. It comes without an AC adapter.

LG Stylo 6 Tozo Aluminum thin Wireless charger

lg stylo 6 tozo wireless charging pad

Tozo charger is the best-looking wireless charger on our list. Thanks to its super-slim unibody design. It’s crafted from Aviation grade Aluminum.  It’s available in 13 different colors.

You can grab it from Amazon for around $11.99. A 5% discount coupon will reduce the price further.


LG Stylo 6 Yootech Wireless Charger

LG stylo 6 yootech wireless charger

The last charger on our list is the Yootech wireless charger. It has got 95000 ratings on Amazon averaging at around 4.3 stars. Like Anker, it’s a bestseller on Amazon. It offers 10W fast charging support.

There is no AC adapter in the package. You can grab it for around $11.99 at Amazon. The $2 coupon will reduce the price to just $10.


How was your wireless charging experience on LG Stylo 6? Please share your views in the comment section below.

LG Stylo 6 Keyboard Settings & Problems -not working, theme, size,vibration

The Keyboard on LG Stylo 6 is highly customizable. We can increase or decrease the size of the keyboard, change the keyboard theme, use a floating keyboard, turn off the keyboard vibration, shrink the keyboard for one-handed use, etc.

In this post, we are going to explore the LG Stylo 6 keyboard settings in great detail.

We are also going to fix the keyboard-related issues/problems on Stylo 6 such as keyboard not working, disappeared, won’t pop up, not showing, small in size, vibrating, not popping, won’t come up, etc.

Let’s begin with the Stylo 6 keyboard troubleshooting and later on, we are going to check out the keyboard settings  –


LG Stylo 6 Keyboard Problems / Issues

The keyboard issues on Stylo 6 can range from the keyboard not popping up, small keyboard size, annoying keyboard vibration, etc. Let’s deal with the common keyboard issues one by one –

LG Stylo 6 Keyboard not working/disappeared/won’t pop up

Troubleshooting Step 1: Soft Reset

The most basic troubleshooting step to restore the keyboard is a restart. Long-Press the power button on the right and select “Power off and restart” to soft reset the phone.

After the reboot, once again check the keyboard. If it still fails to work, proceed to the next step of troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Step 2: Clear the LG Keyboard App Data

To clear the app data, we need to use the Settings app located on the Stylo 6 home screen.

Open Settings and click “Apps”.

Now, select the first option i.e. “App info”.

We are now on the App info page. Hit the “3 dots icon” on the top-right corner and choose “Show System” as shown below.

Now, scroll down and select “LG Keyboard”.

Hit “Storage” and tap “Clear data” as visible in the above screenshot.

Hit “OK” to accept the warning. We have successfully deleted the LG Keyboard’s app data.

Open the browser or a notes app and check if the keyboard has started working.

If it still fails to work, check out the next troubleshooting step –

Troubleshooting Step 3: Change the default keyboard

The default keyboard on Stylo 6 is LG Keyboard. Let’s try to use a different keyboard.

Open the Settings app and select “System”.

Now Go to “Language & Keyboard” > “Manage keyboards”.

There is one more pre-installed keyboard but it’s disabled. Turn on “Gboard” as shown above and select “Default Keyboard”.


As of now, the default keyboard is LG Keyboard, change it to “Gboard”.

Now, Gboard is the default Stylo 6 keyboard.

Open the Chrome browser app and try out the new Google Keyboard i.e. Gboard.

LG Stylo 6 Keyboard Size Small / How to enlarge keyboard on LG Stylo 6?

Do you wish to enlarge the Stylo 6 keyboard? You can do so quite easily. Let change the keyboard size –

Open the Chrome browser or messaging app to bring out the keyboard.

Hit the settings icon in the top-row, it’s marked in the above screenshot.

Now, Go to “Keyboard height and layout” > “Keyboard Height”.

We need to drag the horizontal bar in the upward or downward direction to increase or decrease the keyboard size respectively.

We need to drag the horizontal bar in an upward direction to increase the keyboard height.

This is the maximum keyboard height.

Drag down the bar to reduce the keyboard size. This is the smallest keyboard size.


You can restore the original size by hitting the “Reset button” on the top-right corner.

How to turn off keyboard vibration on LG Stylo 6

The keyboard vibration can be annoying for a few users. Moreover, it reduces the battery life.

To turn off the Stylo 6 keyboard vibration, pull out the keyboard by using the chrome browser app.

Hit the “Settings icon” located at the top row of the keyboard.

Now, Go to the “Additional settings” page.

“Vibrate on keypress” is turned on. Toggle off this option to turn off the keyboard vibration.


We have successfully turned off the keyboard vibration on Stylo 6.

LG Stylo 6 Keyboard Settings

Let’s check out the LG Stylo 6 Keyboard settings. First, of all, we are going to learn how to change and switch between different keyboards on Stylo 6 –

How to Change Keyboard on LG Stylo 6

Open the Chrome browser and hit the search bar to bring out the Stylo 6 keyboard.

Now, hit the “keyboard icon” at the bottom-right corner. The arrow shows its position in the above screenshot.

This brings out the “Default keyboard” pop-up. LG Keyboard is the current default keyboard and the only other option is Google Voice typing.

Select “Settings” to check out more keyboards.

There is one more pre-installed keyboard on the “Manage Keyboards” page. It’s Gboard by Google.

You can download more keyboards from the Google Play Store. They will show up on the “Manage Keyboards” page.

Turn on Gboard using the Toggle switch.

Now, tap on the “Default Keyboard” option.

Change the default keyboard to Gboard.



To switch between the available keyboards, we need to tap the “Keyboard icon” at the bottom-right corner.


Select “LG Keyboard” if you wish to restore the original Stylo 6 keyboard.


LG Stylo 6 Keyboard Theme – How to change

Stylo 6 keyboard uses a light theme by default. A dark theme works best in low-light conditions. Let’s change the Keyboard theme to a dark one –

Pull out the keyboard by using the messaging app or chrome browser.

Tap the “Settings icon” as marked in the above screenshot.


Now Go to “Additional Settings” > “Keyboard Theme”.

Change the theme from “Light” to “Dark”.

This is how the Dark keyboard theme looks like on the Stylo 6.

LG Stylo 6 Gif Keyboard / Does LG Stylo 6 have Gif Keyboard?

A Gif animation emotes better than an emoji.

We can enable the Gif keyboard on Stylo 6. Open the Keyboard by using the chrome browser or notes app.

Click the “Keyboard icon” at the bottom-right corner.


Hit “Settings” to reach the “Manage keyboards” page.

Turn on the Gboard keyboard as shown above.



Now, select “Default keyboard” and change it from “LG Keyboard” to “Gboard”.

Now launch the keyboard once again via Messaging app. This new keyboard is Gboard.

Hit the “Emoji icon” as shown above.

Now tap “GIF” to choose an animation.


You can switch between the different tabs or search for a Gif using the search button.

LG Stylo 6 Floating Keyboard

Both the LG Keyboard and Gboard offer the floating keyboard feature.

Launch the keyboard via the Web browser or messaging app.

Hit the icon at the top-right corner of the keyboard for more options.

Now, hit the “Floating” option to float the keyboard.

As the name suggests, we can change the position of the keyboard as per convenience.

Once again tap the “Floating” icon to restore the original keyboard.


We have disabled the “Floating” keyboard.

LG Stylo 6 Autocorrect/Predictive Text Settings

By default “Autocorrection” is turned off on the Stylo 6 keyboard.

You can keep the autocorrect setting as Mild or Aggressive. Let’s see how to do that.

Pull out the Stylo 6 keyboard and hit the Settings icon at the top row.


We are now on the “LG Keyboard” page.

Select “Auto-correction” and then “English” as shown above.

As of now, it’s turned off. You may keep it on the Mild level.

Which keyboard works best for you on the LG Stylo 6? Please share your experience in the comment section below.




LG Stylo 6 Gestures – How to go back, get to home screen, close apps

The Gestures mode is the default mode of navigation on LG Stylo 6. At the first glance, it feels quite annoying. We fail to recognize how to go back, get to the home screen or view the running apps.

However, once you get a hang of it, you’ll find it easier than the home touch buttons. In this post, we are going to learn the 4 gestures to go back, get to the home screen, view the recent apps, and switch between the running apps.

So let’s get going –

LG Stylo 6 Gestures – How to Go Back

To go back from any screen, swipe the left or right edge of the screen as shown in the above animation.


On my Stylo 6, I’m on the Software info page in the Settings app.

Let’s swipe in from the right edge.

This brings me to the “About Phone” page. Let’s again swipe in from the right edge.

Now I’ve landed on the System page. Let’s swipe in once again.

Now, I’m on the first page of the settings app. One more swipe and we will land on the home screen.

We have reached the Stylo 6 home screen using the back gesture.


LG Stylo 6 Gestures – How to get to Home Screen

A swipe up from the bottom edge will take you to the Stylo 6 home screen.

I’m on the first page of the Settings up. Let’s swipe up the screen from the bottom edge. This will take us to the home screen.

We are now on the Stylo 6 home screen. This way you can get to the home screen from anywhere on the phone.

LG Stylo 6 Gestures – How to Close apps

To view and close the recent apps, we need to swipe up and hold the screen.

Swipe up the screen and keep holding until you see the recent app tile.

The most recent app is the Gallery app. To close this app we need to throw the app tile in the upward direction.

I’ve closed the Gallery app. The next app on the list is the “Settings” app. You can close a single app or all apps at once by tapping “Clear all” as marked in the above screenshot.

LG Stylo 6 Gestures – Switch between the running apps

The last gesture allows us to switch between the running apps.

Notice the bar at the bottom edge of the screen. We need to swipe along this bar to switch between the recent apps.

I was using the phone dialer. By swiping in the left direction I get to switch to the chrome browser.


Likewise, a right swipe along the bottom border brings me to the messaging app.

Which way of navigation do you prefer on the LG Stylo 6, with or without the home touch buttons? Share your experience in the comment section below.

For queries and feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.