Oneplus Nord N100 Secret Dialer Codes & Hidden Menu BE2015

OnePlus Nord N100 has got a few very useful secret codes that take us to different secret menus with useful information and test options.

There are 8 different dialer codes in total. To get access to the hidden menu, you need to open the phone dialer and enter these codes.

Let’s explore all the Nord N100 secret dialer codes with the help of the below screenshots & video –

OnePlus Nord N100 Secret Codes/Dialer Codes & Hidden Menu – MetroPCS BE2015 T-Mobile BE2012 Factory Unlocked BE2013

To enter a secret code, we need to open the phone dialer located on the Nord N100 home screen as shown above.

1. Oneplus Nord N100 IMEI Code


The first dialer code is the universal code for all GSM phones. It reveals the IMEI number.

Launch the Nord N100 phone dialer and enter the code #*06# to view your phone IMEI.

As mine is the factory unlocked version, it shows the IMEI as well as MEID.

There is one more code that shows the IMEI number on Nord N100.

The dialer code is slightly different. To check & encrypt IMEI we need to enter the code *#66#

2. OnePlus Nord N100 FCM Diagnostics Menu

The next secret code opens the “FCM Diagnostics” menu.

It logs the EVENTS and current STATUS of the Google Play Services as shown in the above screenshot.


There is also an “Advanced View” that shows more detailed information.

3. OnePlus Nord N100 Calendar Info Code


The 3rd dialer code on our list reveals your personal calendar entries.

To view the Calendar Info launch your Oneplus dialer and type the code *#*#*225#*#*

4. OnePlus Nord N100 Software Version Code


The 4th Nord N100 secret code shows the current software version.

You need to enter the code *#1234# to view the Nord N100 Software version.

5. Nord N100 OnePlus Logkit Code

The next dialer code is very useful. It offers extensive test menus & phone information.

To view the OnePlus Log kit we need to dial the code *#800#

After dialing the code tap “ENTER” to access the hidden menu.


Tap “AGREE” to proceed further.


Here comes the huge list of troubleshooting options. You can view all the test options in the above screenshot.

There are 3 tabs – Basic, Advance & Tools.

Currently, we are in the “Basic” menu.


Now, let’s explore the advanced menu.

The “Advanced Menu” offers various options under different heads such as  – Device Information, Contact Information, System Settings, QXDM Settings, Bluetooth Settings, Camera Settings, Audio Settings, & TouchPanel Settings.


Do not mess with these settings unless required for troubleshooting.


The last tab in the Oneplus log kit is “Tools”.

It offers various tools categorized under – Wireless Tools, Power Tools & Other Tools.

6. OnePlus Nord N100 Testing Menu

The last Nord N100 dialer code reveals the “Testing” menu.

To get assess to this secret menu you need to enter the code *#*#*4636#*#*

There are 3 options on the Testing page – Phone Information, Usage Statistics, & Wi-Fi Information.

Let’s explore all 3 options starting with the “Phone Info”.

As the name suggests, this menu offers basic phone info including cellular network information.

You can change the preferred network type using this page.

The next option in the “Testing” menu is “Usage Statistics”.



The “Usage Statistics” menu keeps a tab on all the apps including the system apps.

It tracks the app launch date, time & duration.

You can sort the apps on the basis of  – Usage time, Last time used, or App name.

The last option on the Testing page is “Wi-Fi Information”.


There are 3 options on the Wifi Information page – Wi-fi API, Wi-fi Config, & Wi-fi Status.

The above screenshot shows the “Wi-Fi API” menu.

The Wifi config screen shows all the configured Wifi networks.


The last option on the Wi-Fi information screen is “Wi-Fi Status”.

It shows the Wifi status of the current Wifi network. You can Run the Ping Test for troubleshooting.

If I’ve missed any OnePlus N100 dialer code, please mention it in the comment section below.



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