LG Tribute 5 LS675 Email Setup

Setting up Google account in Android is the first and the foremost task. Without this Account, you cannot access Play Store and this one account will sync your contacts, Gmail, calendar, docs, drive etc.
Likewise, any webmail account i.e Yahoo mail, AOL Mail ,Outlook etc is easy to set up wherein you only need to enter your email address and password.

For setting up POP3 or IMAP account you need to enter server details given by your web host. I’ve setup my email account associated with this domain i.e admin@lgtribute.com

In this tutorial, we’ll see how to set up Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Xchange, POP3 and IMAP email accounts. I’ve done this set up on LG Tribute 2 as well as Tribute 5. The procedure must be same for most of the android phones running on Lollipop.

LG Tribute 5 LS675 Gmail setup –

    1 2 3

To Setup Google account open System Settings. It can be quickly launched via Navigation Dropdown or by Long Pressing “Recent Apps” Key.

Once in, Open “Accounts and Sync” and click on “ADD ACCOUNT”

     4 5 6

From the “Add Account” list, Choose Google.

Now you’re at Google account “Sign in” Screen. Here you can either create a new account or sign in with your existing one. To sign in, enter your username, password & Proceed.

  7 9 10

Agree to Google’s Terms and Conditions and click Next.

Now you’re on Google services page. Here you can let Google Backup your app data, settings, and wifi passwords.

On clicking Next, you’re on Payment setup page. You can add your debit or credit card for app purchase from Play Store. If you don’t want to add a card now, skip this step and move forward. Your Google account setup is now complete.

  11 12 13

If you’ll check “Accounts & Sync” you’ll see “Google” under Accounts. Select it to check the account we just set up.

Click on the Gmail id. It will take you to Sync page. Here you can manage the Sync process.

To remove this Gmail account, Click on the 3 dot icon on the right corner and select “Remove Account”.

LG Tribute 5 Yahoo Mail Setup – 

  1 2 3

Go to Settings<Accounts & Sync and select “ADD ACCOUNT”

Click on “Email” and Select the first option i.e Yahoo

   4 5 6

Now enter your Yahoo Mail username, password & click Next.

It’ll connect to Yahoo mail server and you’re done. Yahoo Mail setup is complete.

LG Tribute 5 Microsoft Exchange Account Setup  –

1 2 3

Go to Setting<Accounts & Sync and Select “Add Account”

Select Microsoft Exchange and Enter your outlook.com email and password. Click Next

As we’ve adopted for the Automatic process, instead of Manual setup, it’ll check for auto-setup info load server settings.

 4 5 6

Here you can see the outlook server settings are pulled out  automatically.

Click Next. It’ll connect to the server and finalize the setup process.

Along with email you can Sync Contacts, Calendar, and tasks as well to this Microsoft Exchange Account.

8 9 10

Now as the setup is complete if you’ll go to Settings<Accounts and Sync, you can see “Microsoft Exchange is added under accounts. Click on it to access your newly created outlook account.

Tribute 5 POP3 Email Setup –

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Setting up POP3 email account is as easy as Gmail, or Yahoo mail as done earlier, only this case we have to add server address and PORT

To set this email account, Go to Settings<Accounts & Sync<ADD ACCOUNT and select Personal (POP3)
Add your email address and password.

  3 4 5

Now we’ve to add incoming server settings. Here I’ve added the server name provided by my web host.

I chose Security Type as SSL/TLS as recommended by the web host, and the port has automatically changed to 995.

Now click next, it’ll validate the settings, and if correct you’ll land to outgoing server settings page.

  6 7 8

As before, I have added server address and chosen security type as SSL/TLS. Clicking next will validate outgoing server SMTP settings.

  9 10 12

If the outgoing settings are correct, you’ve successfully added your POP3 account to your cell phone.

To view it, Go to Settings<Accounts and Sync, under accounts you’ll see POP3 account. Glick on it to view your newly created account.

LS675 IMAP Email Setup –

Setting up IMAP account is like POP3 with little variation.

  1 2 3

Add IMAP account under Settings<Accounts and Sync. Enter you email, password and click Next.

    4 5 6

Enter the Incoming and Outgoing PORT as shown above.

Get the server address from the web host where your domain is hosted and fill the data.

  7 8 9

Once your outgoing server settings are validated, you’re done.

10 11 12

You’ll find your IMAP account in Settings<Account & sync.

If you face any difficulty during setup do let me know via the comment section below.

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