LG Velvet 5G FRP Bypass Android 11 2021 2022 Google lock g900

LG Velvet 5G is among those few LG devices that are now updated to Android 11. Velvet 5G was released with Android 10 in Mid 2020.

After the new update, the old FRP bypass method doesn’t work. Now, we need a new hack to get past the Google lock on Velvet.

The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is similar to the iCloud lock on iPhone. If you’re locked out on your Velvet you need to hard reset the phone using the volume down + power keys. After the reset, you cannot complete the device setup without signing in to the previously synced Google account.

Let’s try to bypass the Google verification on LG Velvet with the help of the below troubleshooting guide –

After doing a hard factory reset on my LG Velvet 5G using the volume down + power keys, I’ve landed on the “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard.

Let’s hit the “Forward button” to proceed further.



Now, we need to connect our phone to a Wifi network.


After connecting to the internet, it’s checking for updates.

A few minutes later I reached the “Copy apps & data” screen.

I picked the “Don’t copy” option to move ahead.



Now, I’ve reached the screen lock pattern verification screen. To proceed further, we either need to draw the correct pattern or sign in to the previously synced Google account.

Let’s try to bypass the FRP lock on LG Velvet 5G Android 11 –


How to bypass Google lock on LG Velvet 5G Android 11 2021 2022 LM-G900

The below video shows how to bypass Google account verification on LG K51 Android 11. This same method works on LG Velvet 5G Android 11 –

However, on all LG Android 11 phones, no matter which method you use to bypass Google lock, once you reach the home screen it resets automatically with an error – Factory Reset is proceeded by Server Policy.

After the reset, it again brings you to the Welcome screen of the setup wizard.



After bypassing the Google account, it brought me to the home screen momentarily and then rebooted on its own. The hard reset took a few minutes and once again I’m back to the “Welcome” page.

So, the only solution as of now is a downgrade. We need to downgrade the LG Velvet 5G firmware from Android 11 to Android 10 to bypass the FRP lock.

First of all, let’s download the required files –


1. LG Velvet 5G Mobile Driver v4.5


2. LGUP Lab Frame Ver 1.16


3. LG Velvet 5G DLL File v2.3


4. LG Velvet 5G T-Mobile LMG900TM Android 10 Stock Firmware ROM G900TM14k_00_NA2_US_OP_0723.kdz


Warning: The above firmware/ROM belongs to LG Velvet 5G T-Mobile. Do not flash is on other Velvet variants or you may brick your device.

NOTE: The below screenshots belong to LG K51. You need to follow the same procedure to downgrade LG Velvet 5G firmware. 


If you’ve not yet installed the LG Mobile driver on your PC, install it before moving further.

Double-click the LGMobileDriver_Ver_4.5.0.exe file to begin the installation.


Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the install shield wizard.


After installing the driver, we need to put our LG Velvet into download mode for flashing.

To put your LG Velvet 5G into Download Mode –

  • Long-press the power button and select “Power off” to turn off your phone.

  • Bring your USB-C charging cable.
  • Turn on your computer.
  • Connect one end of the USB cable to the PC.
  • Press the volume up button on your Velvet 5G. Keep holding the volume button and connect the other end of the USB cable to the phone.

  • Your phone must be now on the “Firmware Update” screen. This is also known as Download mode.

Now, wait for the drivers to install.

We need to install LGE Mobile USB Serial Port & USB Modem driver.

Check the driver installation status in the Device Manager as shown above.

Now, we are going to install the LGUP flash tool.

Double-click the LGUP_Lab_Frame_Ver_1.16.exe file to begin the installation.


Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the installation.


Now, copy the downloaded LGUP_Common.dll file and replace it with the same file in the LGUP folder.

Copy the downloaded file as shown above.


Now, open the folder where you’ve installed the LGUP flash tool.

I’ve installed it in the Local Disk (C:) on my PC.

Double-click the “Program Files (x86)” folder to open it.


Now, open the “LG Electronics” folder.

You can see the “LGUP” folder. Click on it to open.

In LGUP double-click the “model” folder.

We are going to paste the copied file into the “common” folder.

Open the common folder as shown above.

Now, right-click and paste the copied file.


When prompted, choose “Replace the file in the destination”.


Now, tap “Continue” to give the administrator access to paste this file.

Now, launch the installed LGUP software as shown above.


In LGUP the connected phone will be visible as LM-G900TM. This is the model number of LG Velvet 5G T-Mobile.



Tap under “File Path” and hit the “3 dots” icon to browse for the downloaded kdz file for flashing.


Locate the downloaded LG velvet firmware file on your PC – G900TM14k_00_NA2_US_OP_0723.kdz and load it in LGUP.


Check once again that you’ve loaded the correct firmware file for flashing.

Warning: The downloaded kdz file belongs to LG Velvet 5G T-Mobile. Do not flash it on other Velvet variants or you may brick your device. 

Now, hit “Start” to begin flashing.


You can check the progress bar on LGUP as well as your phone screen.


When the progress bar reached 80% the phone reboots.


Do not disconnect the phone until the progress bar reaches 100%.

We have successfully downgraded the LG Velvet firmware from Android 11 to Android 10.

Now, follow the below method to bypass the Google lock on LG Velvet Android 10 –

LG Velvet FRP Bypass Android 10


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