LG Tribute HD LS676 Boost & Virgin Mobile GSM Network SIM Unlock


lg tribute hd set new apn

The next is an important one i.e “APN” you’ll get this from your GSM service provider or search it over the internet.

One more important step is to set APN type as “default”. Select APN type and type default as shown above. My data was not working initially. It started working only after I set the APN type to default.


tribute hd gsm apn settings

Again long press the “Recent Apps” key and select “Save” to create this new APN.


tribute hd gsm network selection

The newly created access point name is added to the list. Select it so that it gets highlighted.

Now go 2 steps back to “IOT Hidden Menu” page.

Open “System Selection” and click on “Network Mode”


tribute hd gsm network mode selection

Select “GSM/WCDMA auto” to change the network mode from CDMA to GSM. You can again change to CDMA later via Settings.

After this, you should get GSM network signal with data if “Data” is turned on. If not, do one more step i.e changing “Network mode” to Automatic or GSM/UMTS as shown below.

enable gsm network mode tribute hd

To change “Network Mode” open Settings.

Select Network Tab(If in Tab View) and click on More<Mobile Networks<Network Mode as shown above.

tribute hd edit access point names

Set the “Network Mode” to “Automatic” this way you don’t have to change network mode if you switch to CDMA network in future. You can also keep it as GSM/UMTS if you wish to use it on GSM network only.


tribute hd disable hands free activation

By doing the above steps we’ve done two more significant changes as listed below –

Enabling Wifi Tethering – In the first screenshot above you’ll notice there is no “Tethering” option under “Connectivity”. It gets visible when we change the “Operation Mode” from “Production Network” to “Lab Network”.

Disabling Hands Free Activation – “Lab Network” mode also disables the annoying “Hands free Activation” pop up which keeps on bothering if your phone remains unactivated.

If you’re facing any issues in unlocking please let me know via the comment section below.

45 thoughts on “LG Tribute HD LS676 Boost & Virgin Mobile GSM Network SIM Unlock

  1. I have a question..Someone stole my sim card out of my LG Tribute 676 (virgin mobile) and i am super upset…Trying to find a way to track or ping that sim card on my own somehow…It does have service on it..There is no superuser options for Lg Tribute 676 with PC or any apk install…Cant flash the firmware without causing serious issues…Does anybody know what to say to customer service when trying to get a free replacement on a sim card…any help would be appreciatted…Thanks..

  2. Hey Admin im trying to unlock my sim to switch from sprint to T-mobile and noting im trying is working any suggestions ????

  3. Hello. Pls i am from nigeria and after unlocking my LG ls676 the 4G and 3G network doesn’t work. It only work in 2G network. Pls what can i do to use it with 4G or 3G network for browsing. Thanks

  4. oy!!! i figured it out after the unlock, while the phone is scanning for the sim card, quickly go into the apn settings and the option to add will be available. add the apn quickly before it reads the sim card . worked for me guys try it out!!!!

  5. Would somebody help please. I got this lg tributehd sim locked just shows invalid sim. No hidden menu i found so far opens IOT menu. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  6. how would one use this menu/app to manually configure spring (tello) (after removing the system update system app)?

  7. Admin – You mean it won’t work for version zv5. There is no way out…
    Also what is the service code when I type ##3282#

  8. yup, firmware update gives me an extremely ….useless hidden menu and zero ability to unlock this b!^ch. Boost will not provide unlock code, unless one stays with them for 12 months…..( this whole contract free shite does not sound great now) SO, they have the codes, you own a phone you cannot simply take anywhere. I have spent hours searching and filtering through crap and UNWANTED downloader offers to find a true, free unlock code.
    nope. Nothing. Why are people not sharing this?

    • The free unlock for me also worked until zv4. It automatically took zv5 update. After Zv5 the hidden menu has limited options.The unlocking needs to be done by z3x or octopus box & these devices are quite costly. I unlocked mine from this eBay seller for $9 4cdmaru . He’s quite professional. He also disabled hands free activation pop-up.

  9. Hi i recently got a LGLS676 HD TRIBUTE ,,I am really wanting to get it so i can change it from Boost Mobile carrier to Straight Talk me and my wife have the same phone, but before i do this like you are saying will this phone if unlocked be able to go to Straight Talk we live out in country and Straight Talk is strong out here when Boost is not, so before i do something i have never done i have this ?? To ask also do i have to unlock the sim card that came with the phone’s plz send me all the info to my Email account at Skinnink6778@gmail.com i really thank you for taking your time to read my concerns….we had these gave to us by family the phones are paid for and legit im dignosed with acute lung cancer and we need are phones for family and emergency use we are very poor and never have had a phone that are this nice so please help us…Again Thank you….

  10. how to get the service code? is this the UNLOCK code that we are all trying for? if so, i guess we dont have a way out. my current firmware version is ZV7., probably the hiddenmenu apk doesnt work for this version.

  11. I am still having trouble on my LG from Boost mobile. Can anyone please help with directions when using the ##3282# setting.

  12. don´t try to downgrade NEVER, you will kill the phone even from zv7 to zv6, or zv7 to zv5, or zv4 to zv3
    the phone will be black FOREVER

  13. hi, i recently updated the android system in my LG LS676, and the sim card was blocked, i tried to do what you said in this post, but didn’t work. When i open the Hiddenmenucall 1.7, just show tree options:
    -LG Hidden Menu
    -Version : 1.7
    AATest doesn’t work and the LG Hidden Menu doesn’t show any options of the shown here. If you can help me i’ll be very thankfull

    • Go to phone dialer and type ##3282# that will open the correct menu on lg ls676 you will need your security code to edit anything though so be sure you have the 6 digit passcode. Good luck.

  14. this no longer works, only shows
    Device test
    ELT test
    Factory reset
    Log service
    WVDRM Keybox when touched it say not supported

    is there any other way?
    thanks for your help

  15. I got no access to add new apn. I tried to long press the old key “otasn” but it seems no way to add or to edit the existing setting. Would you help me, please?

  16. It worked and then phone updated. Which makes phone to be locked again.

    And now above app does not have those menu items to do unlock steps.

    Please let me know how to unlock this.

  17. What am I doing wrong? Got the app installed but when I open it I do not see the options you are showing.
    Device test
    ELT test
    Factory reset
    Log service

    That’s s it. Please assist.

  18. muy buenas tarde estoy algo no se que ya tengo un lg ls676 y ise los pasos y se livero luego como al mes creo que lo actualize y la apk ya no me da las mismas opsiones alguna solucion desde ya gracias

  19. Wow, this is extremely useful information for me personally. Thank you so much for sharing – about to purchase a couple of these now that I know there is an easy and simple way to unlock.

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