LG Tribute HD LS676 Bypass Google Account FRP Latest Zv6 Update


ls676 how to frp bypass

We’ve to “Force Stop” setup wizard in the same fashion as done before.

Click on “Storage” and Clear cache

frp bypass 2017

We’re done. Just restart the phone with Power Button.

lg tribute hd gmail bypass

Click “NEXT” till you are on “Set Internet Connection” page

Long press on the connected Wifi network. In my case, it is MoteE2(4G-LTE)4942

tribute hd frp remove

Select “Forget network” and click “NEXT”

Skip the “No internet” popup by clicking on “SKIP ANYWAY”


tribute hd frp unlock

Now we’re stuck on “Configuring your phone” screen without any option to go ahead.

To get past this screen, Press the 3 buttons simultaneously i.e Volume Down + Volume Up + Power.

If done correctly, a “SKIP” option gets visible. Skip this screen

Now the rest of the process is self-explanatory.

Set Date & Time or move ahead by clicking “NEXT”

tribute hd google lock bypass

Add name and click “NEXT”

You can set the Lock Screen password later. “SKIP” to move ahead.


lg tribute hd google account setup wizard

Agree to the License Agreement of the Legal Documents and Hit “DONE” to complete the Process.

tribute hd frp bypass done zv6 oct 2017

Now that we’ve bypassed the google account, the first thing should be doing a Factory Reset.

Pull Down the notification bar and click on “Settings Icon”

tribut hd frp bypass reset

Go to General Tab, scroll down to “Backup & reset” & open it.


ls676 frp factory reset

Now scroll down to “Factory data reset” and click on it to reset the phone.

Confirm your action by selecting “Delete all”

ls676 fatory reset frp bypass

Finally, click on “RESET” popup to initiate the factory reset process.

Once Done, you’re again on the first page of “Setup Wizard”. Just move forward and complete the process there won’t be any google account to bypass this time.

If facing any issues feel free to leave a comment below.




25 thoughts on “LG Tribute HD LS676 Bypass Google Account FRP Latest Zv6 Update

  1. You, are a lovely person, thanks for allowing a once borrowed phone return to its original user and owner without any further issue. You helped me out a ton!!!

  2. I went through instructions one time, but had a sim in the phone and after having completed this process, I didn’t succeed with bypass. Factory reset. (this time, removed sim). followed through a second time. But little green android Set-up-Wizard has been grey’d out, hidden, and i cannot engage setting to disable or force stop. . . Why, after a factory reset that little setup wizard guy is m.i.a.?

  3. Once you’re in your settings settings go to your security settings and click on phone administrators here you can deactivate Google as a phone administrator after you do that you’ll be able to go back and force stop and disable Google Play services

  4. yea this did’nt work for me . followed every step and my google services does’nt allow me to force stop and i bypassed this step did everything else then got stuck after i restarted at the 1st skip option after configuration . pressing the volume up and down and power button does nothing and cant pass the configuration screen . anyone knows why??

  5. Well it worked perfectly only thing is I failed to do factory data reset instead I was taken from my bypassing of my device and when I got home the phone was locked back in my 4 digit code I had forgotten in the first place. I then did another hard reset on it and followed the same steps only when I got to the force stop and disable google play service screen the options were not available can you help me get through this?

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