LG Tribute HD Double Tap/Knock ON-How to Use,How to Turn OFF/ON

The traditional and the most common method of waking a phone screen from sleep is by pressing the power button. And the same method applies to turn off the screen.

However, the Knock On/OFF feature by LG has made life much easier. Just a double tap can wake up your LG Tribute HD or put it back to sleep.

In this post, we’re going to cover How to use the double tap feature to wake up and sleep & How to toggle it ON & OFF.

LG Tribute HD Double Tap / Knock On – How does it work

LG Tribute HD Double Tap

By now you must have tried to wake up your LG Tribute HD by doing a Double Tap.

But to turn off the screen, you must have noticed that we’ve to look for an empty area on the home screen. Now, it may happen that your home screen is filled with apps with no area left to knock on.  In such a case, just double tap on the status bar to turn off the screen.

The status bar is the area which shows network, battery, time etc as shown in the screenshot above.

This way anywhere on the phone, even within an app you’ll be able to put your phone back to sleep by tapping the status bar twice.

LG Tribute HD Double Tap / Knock On – How to toggle it ON & OFF

Knock On is such an awesome feature that no one in his right mind would like to turn it off. However, after using it for some time, you may have realized that at times it wakes up the phone accidentally in pocket/purse etc and if there is no screen lock then you may also find a dialed number in the call log. To avoid such accidental wakeups and unnecessary battery drain is better to turn off the double tap in certain situations.

However, if you’ll look for an option within settings you won’t find it anywhere as its kept hidden.

We’ve to use an app to unhide it and we’ll use a home screen shortcut to toggle it ON and OFF.

Let’s see how to do this with the help of an app called Quick Shortcut Maker.

You can download its apk file from the below download link or from play store



LG Tribute HD Turn OFF Knock ON

Install the app and run.

Type knock on as shown above. As soon as you type knock on “Settings” will appear beneath it.

Click on Settings, it’ll open 2 more “Settings” options as shown above.



LG Tribute HD Knock ON Menu

Open the 2nd “Settings” option and click on “Try”

This will take us to the hidden KnockON screen where we can turn it off by unchecking.

As we’ve tried it and it worked we’ll create its shortcut on the home screen.

LG Tribute HD Knock On

Click on “Create” to make the shortcut.

Tap on the newly created shortcut to open it.

Now we can easily check/uncheck knock on, with the help of this shortcut.

LG Tribute HD Turn off Knock Code

We can also select the 3rd “Settings” option.

It has got a Toggle Switch which can be turned on and off.

LG Tribute HD Double Tap On OFF switch

You can create a shortcut for either of the two. They function in a similar manner.


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