LG Tribute HD Boost Mobile LS676 Tribute 5 LS675 Secret/Dialer Codes

Nowadays, Android has an option to reset the network settings. This helps in troubleshooting network related problems. But for a long time, there is a secret menu in sprint phones, that resets the network settings. It is also helpful in switching CDMA carriers.

tribute hd reset network secret code

To enter RTN menu dial ##786# (##RTN#)

There are 2 options, View and Reset.

We can view the network-related info but to reset we need the service code.

If you don’t have a service code you can try the next dialer code which does the same thing without asking for a code.


lg tribute hd rtn menu ##786#

The lifetime calls and data transmission are recorded over here. We also get to know whether the device is refurbished or not.


6. Special Code to Reset the Network (SCRTN) –

Like the previous dialer code, the SCRTN menu also helps in resetting the network settings to factory default. However, it doesn’t ask for the service code.

tribute hd ##scrtn# secret menu

To enter SCRTN Menu dial, ##72786# ( ##SCRTN#)

7. System Error Log – 

As the name suggests, System Error Log keeps a track of the System related errors. We can view or copy the error log to sd card.

tribute hd error log ##564#

To enter System Error Log Menu, Dial ##564# (##LOG#)

The first option is “View Error Log”

There are 3 types of error logs to view i.e Last kmsg, Crash log & ANR log.

tribute hd system error log

The next option is to Copy the Error Log.

You can see there are various logs that can be copied to an SD card.

tribute hd error log dialer code

We can clear the recorder error logs by selecting the last option.


8. Reset Device Provisioning & Brand Customization –

This menu helps in resetting the apps and network-related info to factory default. For example, if your Tribute HD belongs to a boost mobile network this option will reset the pre-installed boost mobile apps data as well as provisioning parameters.  Some Sprint S7 users have reported getting back their missing voicemail app using this dialer code.

tribute hd brand provisioning dialer code

To perform this reset, dial ##27263# (##BRAND#) and select “OK”.

9. Sprint OMADM Hidden Menu (MSL/Service Code Needed)

The OMADM menu in Sprint HTC phone’s is related to GSM unlocking. However, even after trying all the listed options in Tribute HD, I found no difference at all. We need the service code to enter Sprint OMADM Hidden Menu.

tribute hd sprint omadm hidden menu

To Access Sprint OMADM Hidden Menu, Dial ##66236# (##OMADM#)

Enter your service code which you must have got in an email at the time of activation. It’ll be different from mine.


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