LG Tribute HD Adoptable External Storage – Move Apps to SD Card

You can see, now a part of SD card belongs to Device Storage.

At I chose the first option 25% i.e 3.7 GB is available as internal storage.

To make the adoptable storage as default storage we’ve to do a few more steps.

Click on the newly created “SD Card” option under Device Storage

lg tribute hd make internal as default storage

Hit the 3 dot menu icon, and select “Migrate data”.

In this step, the data from internal memory is migrated to the adoptable storage.

After this migration, adoptable storage will be the default storage space for downloaded files and app data.

lg tribute hd install apps to sd

You can see the data from internal memory has moved to adoptable storage.

If at any point you wish to again make the internal memory as your default storage and use this SD card on another device, you can do that easily as per the steps below –


lg tribute hd adoptable storage guide

Click on “Internal Storage”

Hit the “3 dots” menu icon on top right corner and select Migrate Data.

lg ls676 adoptable storage tutorial

By doing this we’ve moving back the data from adoptable storage to phone’s internal memory.


enable lg tribute hd adoptable storage

You can see the adoptable storage partition is now empty can be formatted.

Click on it as shown above.

Hit on the 3 dot menu icon and select “Use as portable storage”

lg tribute hd formatting sd card

Click on “Format” to remove the adoptable storage partition.

After this Format, the whole 14.8GB storage space will be available on the sd card.

If facing any issues, feel free to contact via the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “LG Tribute HD Adoptable External Storage – Move Apps to SD Card

  1. Hi. I’m doing this step but i got stuck at the formatting the SD Card.

    I click 1 and hit enter but the CMD window say that my device was not doing.

    Then I click any letter and the cmd window close.

    Tell me if the sd card most be empty to be formatted.

  2. How can i fix this? Used to work, i reinstalled phone and only one part of card wors sho i reran and get this
    – Connect to device…
    – Device: LGLS676
    – Formatting disk:179,64…
    Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Thread Binder_1 gave up waiting for partitionMixed after 180000ms
    – Kill ADB Server…

    – Done =) –

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