LG Tribute Empire Drivers – lmx220pm, USB, ADB, Windows 10, Mac

We need to establish different modes of USB Connection between the LG Tribute Empire and the computer. For every mode, a different driver needs to be installed.

The most useful modes of USB connection are ADB Mode, Download Mode & File Transfer or MTP mode. To establish a successful ADB connection, ADB Interface Driver should be installed first.

In a similar manner, LG AndroidNet USB Modem & LG AndroidNet USB Serial Port Driver should be installed if you wish to flash stock firmware on your Tribute Empire via Download Mode.

In this post, we are going to Download and Install the latest LG Mobile Drivers for Tribute Empire. So, Let’s Get Going –


LG Tribute Empire Drivers – Windows & Mac – lmx220pm

Windows 7 & 10 – LG Mobile Driver_WHQL_Ver_4.4.2


Mac – LG Mobile Mac Driver_v5.4


1. Installing the LG Mobile Driver Setup File on Computer

LG Tribute Empire Drivers

Download and Save the LG Mobile Driver Setup File on your computer as shown above.

Double-click the setup file to start the installation.

LG lmx220pm drivers

Choose language and tap “NEXT”.

lg tribute empire usb driver

Again hit “NEXT” to proceed further.

lg empire drivers

Wait for the Driver Installation to complete.

drivers lg tribute empire

The LG Mobile Driver is now installed successfully on our PC.

We are now ready to connect our phone to PC via USB Data Cable.

2. LG Tribute Empire MTP / File Transfer Mode Driver

The file transfer mode is quite useful for sharing files between the phone and the computer.

lg tribute empire file transfer

Connect your Tribute Empire to PC via a Micro USB Cable as shown above.


lg empire file transfer

Choose the USB Connection mode as “File Transfer”.

Now, wait for the Drivers to install.


lg tribute empire connect to computer

A pop-up appears on the screen asking what to do with this device.

Let’s select “Open device to view files”.

lg tribute empire internal storage

The “Internal Storage” and “SD Card” is available for file transfer.

lg tribute empire mtp driver

The device manager shows “LG Tribute Empire” under “Portable Devices”.

3. LG Tribute Empire ADB Interface Driver

The ADB Mode is used for various reasons. It aids in booting the phone into fastboot mode for bootloader unlocking.

We can also use it to move apps to the SD card by turning on Adoptable Storage.

You can also write ADB commands to disable the bloatware apps on your Tribute Empire.

lg tribute empire adb driver

For ADB Mode, we need to enable USB Debugging.

Pull down the notification bar and click on the “Settings icon” a shown above.


lg empire adb driver

We are now in “Settings”

Select the “General” tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Select the 2nd last option i.e. “Developer Options”.

If you’ve not yet enabled developer options on your Tribute Empire, check the below post –

LG Tribute Empire Developer Options

In “Developer Options”, look for “USB Debugging” and tap it.

lg empire usb debugging

Accept the request to “Allow USB Debugging” by hitting “OK”.

Now that we have enabled the USB Debugging, we can connect our phone to PC.

lg tribute empire connect to computer

Use a Micro USB Cable to connect your Tribute Empire to the computer.

lg tribute empire lge mobile adb interface driver

Wait for the ADB Interface Driver to install.

You can check the Installation status in the device manager as shown above.

After the successful installation of ADB Driver, let’s try to unlock the LG Tribute Empire Bootloader.

4. LG Tribute Empire Download Mode USB Modem & Serial Port Driver

The Download Mode is used for Flashing a Stock Firmware. If your System Update was stuck or your device is bricked for some other reason, you can restore it by flashing a stock ROM via Download Mode.

To boot your LG Tribute Empire into Download Mode –

lg tribute empire download mode driver

  • Long- press the Power Button located at the back of your phone.
  • Among the listed options, select “Power off’ to turn off your phone.



download mode lg tribute empire

  • Now that your phone is off, Grab a Micro USB Cable.
  • Press the Volume UP key on your Phone, and connect one end of the USB cable to the Phone

lg empire download mode

  • Keep the Volume key pressed, and insert the other end of the cable to the computer (The computer must be on)

lg tribute empire firmware update

  • Your Tribute Empire should be now in the Download Mode as shown in the above screenshot.

lg tribute empire lge androidnet serial port driver

Wait for the LG AndroidNet USB Modem & LG AndroidNet Serial Port Drivers to install.

We are now ready to flash stock firmware on LG Tribute Empire using the LGUP flash tool.

For any query related to an LG Tribute Device, feel free to leave a comment below.

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