LG Tribute 5 Wifi Hotspot / Tethering Hack

In most of the sprint prepaid phones, Wifi Hotspot is disabled by default. The tethering option appears once you activate your phone with a data plan. Same is the case with LG Tribute 5 LS675. If you’ve bought Boost Mobile Ls675 and plan to activate it on boost then no problem, but in case you’re planning to unlock & use it on a GSM network, then Tethering won’t be visible in System Settings.To enable it, just follow this simple LG Tribute 5 Wifi hotspot hack Guide.



Before doing this tethering hack I took the screenshot of my system settings page. You can see there is no “Tethering” option. It’s hidden. When visible its placed between “Call” & “More”.

Tutorial – How to enable Wifi Tethering in LG Tribute 5  –

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If your LG LS675 is rooted and you’ve downloaded Shortcut Master Lite, you’re ready to proceed. Install this app and run it.

On the top right corner, you’ll notice a 3 dot icon click on it, a drop-down will appear. Select “Search”.  Type iot.ltesetting in the search box and hit on Search button.

Now Type iot.ltesetting in the search box and click on Search button.

Among the 2 options select the first one i.e “Service Programu” and Long Press it. Tap on the first option “Launch”

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The App may ask permission for root access “Allow” it.  Now you’re on LTE setting page.

Here you’ve to select Operation Mode, & Change it from “Production Network” to “Lab Network”. That’s it. You’re done. Now phone will reboot on its own.


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Now as the phone gets on, head over to System Settings, Tethering will be visible. LG Tribute 5 has all three types of Tethering options, including USB, Wifi, and Bluetooth.

Moreover, By doing this hack you’ll get rid of hands free activation popup if in case you’ve not activated your Tribute 5 on boost mobile network.

This method should work on other LG phones as well, but I’ve tested it only on LG Ls675.

If you know more such hacks, please do share it via comments. If facing any issue feel free to ask a question.


4 thoughts on “LG Tribute 5 Wifi Hotspot / Tethering Hack

  1. Works on LG LS660 (mvno carrier using Sprint) with a minor modification.

    Search ltesetting and select ServiceProgram.

      • This is no longer working (12/14/2016). After “Search” and try to launch, it run into an error: A file is not found. Apparently the developer might have removed the file.
        Any other updated procedure to get Tethering back on LG Tribute?

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