LG Tribute 5 & Tribute 2- Set SD Card as default storage for Apps


Lin2SD –  Link app to SD card

Download and install Link2SD app via Play store or from below link –


0 1 2

Open Link2SD . Grant access to superuser request if prompted

As we’ve created the 2nd ext2 partition, it should be automatically detected by Lin2SD.

You’ll be prompted to select the file system of 2nd partition. Select ext2 and proceed

If you’re not prompted do it manually. Click on “Link2SD” (Link2SD Plus if paid version) and select “Recreate mount scripts” as shown in the first screenshot below.

3 4 5

Once the mount script is successfully created, you’ll be prompted to reboot the device.

Reboot phone. Open Link2SD click on 3 dot icon on top right.

6 7 8


Select “Storage Info” to view the 2nd partition details.

Once again select the 3 dot icon, and Go to “Settings”.  Here we can manage Auto link settings


9 10 11

If you want to install every new app to sd card automatically. Check “Auto Link”

Now click on “Auto link settings”

12 13 14

You can link complete app data to SD card in paid version of Link2SD. App’s internal data cannot be linked  in free version

Set the App install location to “External” as shown above

15 16 17

After setting up the auto link, I tested it by installing an app from play store.

You can see it got automatically linked to SD card.

Open link to SD and click on the “middle option” on top to sort linked apps

18 19 20

You can see the newly installed app is linked and its whole data is moved to SD card

If you want to link the previously installed “User Apps”. Hit the first option to “Filter” User installed apps

21 22 23

Select “User”,  Press the 3 dot icon  & “Multi-select”  to pick all user apps for linking


24 25 26

Hit on “3 dot icon” < “Link to SD Card”. Make sure all the boxes are checked and Hit “OK” to link all apps at once.
To be on the safe side avoid linking System Apps.

If facing any issues please let me know via comment section below. Feedbacks are always welcome.

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  1. Thank you very much for the clear explanations and the accurate visuals! I’ve had trouble setting up Link2sd in the past as well as Aparted, because they both aren’t clear on how to set up. You made it much easier!

    NOW… if we only had TWRP or Clockwork and maybe a custom mod?? lol

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