LG Tribute 5 LS675 – Remove Ads from Youtube Videos & Android Apps

Ads are fine as far as they are not forcible. When there is no option to skip an ad in youtube or a full page popup comes from nowhere in an android app, it gets annoying. These kinds of ads force you to view it before proceeding to actual content. Watching an ad should be at the user’s discretion.

Ads in Youtube App can be disabled by an Xposed module called Youtube Adaway. If you’ve heard about Xposed for the first time don’t worry follow this step by step guide to install Xposed in your tribute 5 .

LG Tribute 5  – How to remove Ads from Youtube Video –

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We’ve to download an Xposed module called Youtube Adaway to remove youtube video ads. To install this module, Open Xposed Installer and Click on “Download”.

If you’ve opened download section for the first time it will take some time to load the available modules. Type “Youtube”  in the search bar, “Youtube Adaway” will show up. Click on it to open.

Slide towards the right to download and install the apk file. You can also download the file from below link –


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Once the module is installed, you’ll notice the option to “OPEN” this app is grayed out. It’s because this app has no user interface.

Go to Xposed installer once again. Hit “Modules”, Check “Youtube Adaway” and reboot

Now open Youtube app and watch any video, It’ll be free from ads.


LG Tribute 5 – How to remove Ads from Android App – 

There are two Xposed modules which are capable of doing this. They are Ad Blocker and MinMinGuard. Ad blocker has no user interface. Just install it, activate the module and reboot phone.  With MinMinGuard you can selectively choose to remove ads from only those apps which you find annoying.

Adblocker –

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Adblocker and Youtube Adaway are the products from the same developer, and both of them lack any user interface.
Install Adblocker in the same way as “Youtube Adaway” from “Download” section of the xposed installer.  You can also download it from the below link –


MinMinGuard –

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Download MinMinGuard from Xposed repository or from below link.


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“Check” it in Modules section & reboot phone

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MinMinGuard allows you to either automatically block the ad from all installed apps or selectively create your own whitelist as shown above.

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