LG Tribute 5 LS675 Hard Reset / Factory Reset

To enter recovery mode – Turn OFF the phone. Press the volume down + power key simultaneously. Keep it pressed till you see Recovery Mode on screen.

In recovery mode we can move up and down via volume keys and selection can be done via Power Key.

Press volume down key till you are on the 3rd option i.e wipe data/ factory reset

Press Power key to confirm this selection

Now Scroll down via volume key and stay at “Yes — delete all user data”

Press the power key to confirm.

Once the wipe is complete, press the power key to reboot the phone.

Google Force Reset Protection –

As LG Tribute 5 is running on Android version 5.1.1 it has the added security called Google’s FRP (Force Reset Protection) in place. It will ask for Google sign in details of the previous google account before moving further.

In you have the Sign in details well & good, otherwise, there is a loophole which allows us to bypass Google Account.

If your LS675 is soft bricked i.e stuck in a boot loop, frozen to LG Screen on every reboot, stuck at some Error Screen or a similar issue which is not getting resolved by a hard reset, then the last option left is to Flash your Tribute 5 with Stock Firmware.

If even flashing doesn’t solve your problem then it’s a hardware issue and you need to send your Tribute 5 to LG if it’s within warranty or else show it to a cell phone technician.

If you’re facing any issue let me know via the comment section below. Feedback are always welcome

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