LG Tribute 5 LS675 Firmware Download – Unbrick Tutorial

If you own LG Tribute HD LS676 Follow this Tutorial – LG Tribute HD LS676 Stock ROM Download


Whenever I own a new android phone, I make sure to root it, install custom recovery and create a Nandroid backup so that I can restore my phone back to working state if anything goes wrong.

In the case of LG Tribute 5, I’m not that lucky. Due to locked bootloader, there is no custom recovery to take a system backup. So, what to do in case of a soft brick?

The solution is to flash the phone with stock Firmware. It’s not as convenient as restoring from a Nandroid backup, but when bricked it’s your last resort.

Messing with a rooted phone is usually the cause of a Soft Brick. In the case of Tribute 5, if you’ll try to flash a custom recovery of a similar model such as LG K7 it will result in a brick due to locked bootloader in LS675.
Some Tribute 5 owners have reported bricking their phone after bloatware removal.
Replacing Kingroot with SuperSu , using Super-Sume app can also result in a soft brick.

The symptoms of a soft brick are –

Stuck in Boot loop
Stuck on LG Logo
Security Error Authentification Fail #9
Secure Boot Error 1003
Not Turning On (But boots to Download Mode)

If any of the above issues arises, you should first perform the basic troubleshooting steps such as –

Hard Reboot – Remove and re-insert the battery. Reboot
Safe Mode – Boot is Safe Mode to check if some app is causing trouble
Hard Reset – Perform Factory Reset

If  none of the Troubleshooting steps reinstate your LS675 to working state, then follow the below guide to flash stock ROM. Flashing a stock ROM via LG Flashing Tool is quite simple, and even if it’s your first time, you’ll find it easy with this step by step tutorial.

How to Restore/Unbrick LG Tribute 5 LS675 by Flashing Stock ROM –


Follow the below link to download zip file.



Extract the zip file. It contains –

LS675 DLL File
LG UP Flashing Software
LS675 .dz Firmware file

You should have LG Drivers installed on your computer before proceeding.


Among the downloaded files, you’ll find LS675_DLL.msi file. Install it.



Install LGUP_Store_Ver_1_14_3.msi  Flashing Software.

53 thoughts on “LG Tribute 5 LS675 Firmware Download – Unbrick Tutorial

  1. I did all that, LG UP went to 100% and phone rebooted but it still went back into the security boot loop. Any ideas what else am I missing? Thanks.

  2. Hey, my ls675 is stuck on the secure boot error 1003 modified. I understand the steps completely but I lack a laptop or desktop pc that’s up for this task lol. Isn’t there a file I can download to and we card, put the card in the phone, reboot into recovery mode, and then finally “install update from sd card”??? Any and all help would be much apprecitex. Thx in advnce.

  3. Good day!
    Many thanks for such valuable and detailed recovery instructions (firmware) for the LG Tribute 5 LS675.
    I have a Tribute 5 LS675, and only thanks to you I was able to get it back from the soft brick.
    But you write “… If you have LG Tribute 5, you must have rooted it with ease. However, his successor LG Tribute HD is one of the latest LG Sprint prepaid phones that work on marshmallows, which is still not possible … ”
    I still can not translate LG Tribute 5 LS675 from CDMA mode to GSM (my attempts turned into soft brick).
    I ask your help in solving this issue. Thanks in advance.

  4. Excelente post, otra consulta: por que al darle actualizar desde mi tribute 5 despues de reniciar queda en el logo android. ?

  5. Im sorry if this was answered already but …
    I get 4% of it before it ERRORS! CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE. w/ floating window Error:flashing fail.
    Thanks for your knowledge. I hope you can help my Lg. 🙂

  6. phone boots firmware updater, even after trying recovrty mode, it goes back to firm update. With LGUP, it gets to 99% and then displays error message

  7. phone will connect but wont start downloading drivers tried just to run LGUP and goes to 4% before error pops up and then nothing

  8. Press volume up + vol down + power button simultaneously to bypass configuring your phone does not work for me. I followed the tutorial and everything seemed to work but can’t get past configuring your phone.

  9. How do I get the phone into Download Mode when nothing comes up on the screen, All my Tribute 5 will do is connect to my computer as qhsusb_bulk. I tried holding the volume button up and plugging it in but it does nothing but connect.

  10. Nvm I found it and it worked!! Thanks. I bricked it in the first place from trying to install supersu and accidentally deleted the wrong file but all good now.

  11. I downloaded the LG driver to my local library computer but I dont know where to find it on the computer. There is still a file in the download section and I installed it but I cant find the installed version. Do you know where it might be located on the PC?

  12. The bootloader unlocks on the Tribute 5 nearly exactly the same as its sister variant, the LG K7. Therefore TWRP for the K7 is very much compatible. Faatboot mode can be entered into on the Tribute 5 by temporarily nuking the /laf partition. Once in fastboot mode, bootloader unlocking is as simple as: fastboot oem unlock.

  13. I followed all steps and installed the stock firmware but the phone hasn’t changed. it’s still stuck on the Lg logo screen. It turns off and restarts all over again.. when I attempt to reboot into recovery mode it states it’s loading then screen goes black. idk what happened. I’ve tried this before and it worked perfectly. Help!

  14. Fam, you saved my phone and my @$$…thanks sooooo much…really easy…and I’m extremely appreciative! You just saved me the back and forward with LG. Grace and Peace

    very useful tutorial i highly appriciate you to the absolute fullest thank you thank you thank you

  16. Thanks for the information. This helped me to restore the phone, but the GSM unlock process is gone. I am back to square. Also, i see WIFI is not working as expected, seems the firmware may be different for my LGLS675 model? where I can find latest version?

  17. Im lost I installed the lg drivers went to download mode on the phone installed all the drivers loaded lhup found my phone opened the bin file started the flash and it stops at 4% with an erroe: unmount userdata sucess wtf is that? i cant flash the phone because of this error.

  18. Sir….

    Please clarify …

    We are rooting the phone for unlocking…
    After the unlocking procedures are done Can we remove the root?
    Will it affect the Unlock?
    The OS will be safe as non-rooted phone. No?

    Am I right or wrong? Pls tell me.


  19. Thanks , you saved my phone, while replacing Kingo root with supersu, it was stuck in bootloop. However, were you able to root after recovery by updating firmware.? I see when I run Kingo root, it boots cellphone and does thing.

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