LG Tribute 5 LS675 Download to SD Card by Default

In most of the recent android phones including Tribute 5, Chrome is the default web browser. Budget phones such as Tribute 2 and Tribute 5 have 8GB as internal storage. In Android world, 8GB is difficult to manage with. Especially when the major portion is consumed by Android System Data i.e ROM.  So, the saving grace is external sd card.
Now when you have the micro sd card inserted, you would like to save every downloaded file to the memory card by default.
However, in reality, there is no option in chrome to set external sd as default download location. Moving every downloaded file to external storage is cumbersome & makes no sense. So, what’s the solution to this problem?

LG Tribute 5 – How to save files downloaded via Web Browser to SD card by Default

I added a 64 GB Sd card to my tribute 5 and i tried Android app called “Folder mount” as well as Xposed Module “Downloads to SD” to move every downloaded file automatically to SD card.  Both of these failed. So, finally,  I had to change the web browser to achieve this.
Download and install Ucweb Browser from play store or below link



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Once you open the Ucweb Browser, you’ll notice an icon with “3 horizontal lines”, click on it.

A window will pop-up , Select “Downloads”

Now we’re on the “Downloads” page. We’ve to change the download location, so Click on “Settings” as shown in last screenshot above


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Now that we’re on “Download Settings” page, Select “Default Path”.

Swipe towards left and click on “Storage”

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The first option is “0” which is the default storage location i.e internal storage. We’ve to select the second option i.e external_SD

You’ll see a warning message, which states that the files will get saved in a specific folder created by ucweb and will get deleted when the app is uninstalled. So make sure to backup the files if you wish to remove ucweb browser.

Ucweb is a decent web browser but it gets annoying with frequent app notifications. So, make sure to disable notifications for this app. I use Chrome for web browsing and ucweb for downloading.

If you know a way out to change the default download location of chrome, please do share via the comment section below.

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