LG Tribute 2 LS665 Xposed Framework – How to Flash

LG Tribute 2 & Tribute 5 have locked Bootloader.  This means custom recovery cannot be flashed and as result custom ROMs are not a possibility. A custom ROM brings a lot of handy tweaks, and the reputed ones such as CyanogenMOD, MIUI etc are as stable and user-friendly as stock android.

If the bootloader of your phone is locked and you cannot flash custom ROM, in such a case Xposed comes to the rescue. In iOS (iPhone’s operating system), you must have noted there is no possibility of flashing custom ROM. After jailbreaking your iPhone,  any of the tweaks are applied by adding sources via Cydia. Xposed works in the same way for Android.

Initially, it was not possible to flash Xposed framework without a custom recovery, but now it can be done via FlashFire app.

Before you follow this guide, your LG Tribute 2 must be rooted with SuperSu as root is not detected by FlashFire if done via Kingroot. So, if your Ls665 is rooted with Kingroot, the first thing you should do is replace it with SuperSu,

Now that you have SuperSU installed, download FlashFire via Play Store or download the below package. It contains the required files along with flashfire apk.


Extract the zip file and transfer the folder to your phone’s internal storage/sd card.

The downloaded folder contains –

Xposed Framework v85
Xposed installer apk
FlashFire Apk


LG Tribute 5 Flash Xposed Framework, Step by Step Guide –


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Install Flashfire and open it. Click on the “+” icon.

Now select “Flash ZIP or OTA” option. Browse for the downloaded Xposed Framework file and select it

6 thoughts on “LG Tribute 2 LS665 Xposed Framework – How to Flash

  1. For those experiencing any problems installing Xposed, you should download v3.1.1 of the Xposed installer. Also there is an update to the frameworks zip. Version 87 is available on the XDA forum.

    I could not get frameworks to install until I used the updates.

    BTW, even with the updates my phone would not reboot beyond the LG welcome screen and was stuck. There may be a more appropriate way, but I just removed the battery and Peres back up.

    Everything works fine now. I hope this helps.

  2. What you have tirelessly worked on to provide this information and making it public is so appreciated by many! Thank you so much.

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