LG Tribute 2 LS665 Unbrick with Stock ROM

Earlier we used to get Stock Firmware from LG’s Official website for almost all LG android smartphones, but now LG is not providing any KDZ or TOT  for the newer models, especially Sprint prepaid ones.

LG Tribute 2 was released a year ago, and its firmware file has surfaced just last month. While browsing through Android Forums, I realized quite a few, Tribute 2 users bricked their devices after rooting with Kingroot and doing some root level changes. Due to locked bootloader, even a complete system backup cannot be saved via TWRP. As a result, if anything goes wrong, the lone option is to flash Stock ROM.

If your LG Tribute 2 is also stuck at LG Logo, in Bootloop or showing up some error like – “Secure Boot Error 1003” or “Security Error Authentication Failed #9”,  you can flash it to factory state via LG Flash Tool.

I got the Stock ROM for Ls665 via android al Yemen forum. Some users have reported that after flashing this ROM they were able to boot, but there is no network. Due to this reason, I haven’t tried to flash it on my Tribute 2 LS665. Mine is in working condition and I cannot take the risk as Ringplus service is currently active on this phone .
If your phone is in an unusable state, at least get it, up and running by flashing this firmware file, till some solution crops up for the network issue.

You have to download the RAR file and extract it. It contains a TOT file and DLL file. Click the below link to download the file.


While the firmware is getting downloaded, in the meanwhile, download and install LG Tribute 2 Drivers on your PC, if not already installed. LG USB Driver is common for all LG phones, except Verizon.

Ls665 Tot

The downloaded RAR archive contains LS665 TOT & DLL file as shown above. Extract the files in your PC.

Now boot your phone in “Download mode”.  For this, Power OFF the phone and press the volume up button. While keeping it pressed, Connect you phone to PC via USB Cable. Phone will boot in “Download Mode”, you’ll see a black “Firmware Update” screen. Let the PC install drivers for this mode.

The process of flashing will be done by LG Flash Tool & along with the LGUPWEBDL DLL file, we’ll need one more DLL file called Megalock.dll .Download these 2 files.

Install LG Flash Tool. Copy the downloaded, Megalock.dll file and go to C:\LG\LGFlashtool , here paste the copied file, it’ll replace the old Megalock.dll file.

Now to do the actual flashing, please proceed to this XDA tutorial. You can directly start from Step 8 as we’ve already done the previous steps.

After flashing please do share the outcome. Especially, whether you’re getting network or not. If facing any issue please let me know via the comments section below.


33 thoughts on “LG Tribute 2 LS665 Unbrick with Stock ROM

  1. cuando termine el flaseo nesesitan resetear el equipo y listo no les dara problema de nada … saludos salto de tecoman ,colima

  2. followed instructions. after it got to 100% phone turned OFF instead of rebooting. now it won’t turn on, even after taking battery out and back in.

    • Try to boot in download mode and repeat the process. If the flashing completed successfully the phone should boot properly.

  3. This procedure bricked my phone worse than the root tool. At least that would still let me boot to recovery mode. Now I can’t even see the battery charge indicator, or get the flash menu again.

  4. UPDATE: started working, got 100% done on computer and phone, phone seemed like it was rebooting and cpu said rebooting, but now my screen is just black. it does nothing. no download mode, no recovery mode. no safe mode. computer does the recognise sound when plugged in. thats it.

  5. My LS665 works fine but I would like to flash a stock ROM so I can root it with KingRoot. Right now it has an LS665ZV6 software version so it can’t be rooted.

    Has anyone flashed a stock ROM into an LS665 that isn’t bricked? What was your result?

  6. I flashed this rom i have a qlink wireless obama phone that runs on the sprint network. The phone is a boost referbished phone. After sitting on the phone with the carrier for two hours trying to find a fix they charged me 25 bucks to get a random replacement smartphone i hope thie next one has unlocked boot loaders so far i have never bought anything that could be rooted and flashed and i really want to get a completely costom build. Anyway has anyone found a solution to the network issue if i can find it i can resell this phone to help me get something nicer that can be customized maybe a note 5 from t-moble lol at least part way there anyway.

  7. I’ve followed every step listed here. Port1(Com41) says ready for a very long time, but the progress bar on the LG LS665(Virgin mobile) does not move from 0%.

    Any suggestions ?


    When the rom is installed it DOESN’T change the IMEI, it changes the RF frequency. With a little research you cam easily change the RF sequence to what your carrier uses for your phone.

    • What are you talking about?? Googled for an hour about RF frequency, sequence, this and that, and nothing came up whatsoever.

      This ROM has changed my IMEI/MEID as well. I use Virgin Mobile, and now I cannot make calls since this ROM is Boost. I’ve tried every CDMA tool out there, and none of them are willing to write my old MEID without me paying $28374571.42 first.

  9. Any luck on the IMEI issue? The phone we have was a Virgin Mobile phone before I bricked it (SuperSU-Me strikes again), as opposed to Boost (which this ROM seems to be). The difference in carriers isn’t an issue at all, but it seems you can’t even use it for Boost with the new IMEI. Since it’s taken this long to even get an image, I’m not gonna hold my breath that a Virgin ROM will show up, but can anything at all be done?

  10. Anyone has a solution for the network problem? Any solution at all? Even if its for rooted users I need a solution I have no data now 🙁

  11. Thank you for creating this website and for this page. I finally was able to fix my phone . Boost mobile couldn’t do anything and i did it myself. I really appreciate this site. Ive been looking everywhere for a fix. My phone got messed up and with this site i was able to put the phone in its original state

  12. Your instructions and downloads were able to un-brick my phone.
    Everything is working perfectly.
    Thank you very much.

  13. Phone: Boost LG Tribute 2
    Bricked phone trying to switch from KingRoot to SuperSu using Super-SuMe.

    I followed your instructions and used your download links

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