LG Tribute 2 LS665 – How to Screenshot and Other Useful Key Combos

LG Tribute 2 Safe Mode – Power Key

If my phone is not behaving in a normal manner, the first troubleshooting step I try is Soft reset i.e turning it OFF and ON. If this doesn’t help, the next step is booting in Safe Mode. If some 3rd party app is causing abnormal behavior, you’ll know in safe mode as all installed apps are disabled in this mode.
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To boot into safe mode, with the phone ON, Long Press Power Key, a popup will appear.

Long press the first option, i.e Power Off.

A Safe Mode confirmation message will appear. Press “OK” to boot in Safe Mode.

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The phone will reboot and you’ll see “Safe Mode” in lower left corner of the screen.

Notification Bar will also show Status as “Safe Mode is ON”.

You can select it to Turn OFF safe mode as shown in last screenshot above.

LG Tribute 2 Recovery Mode – Volume Down + Power (When OFF)

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Recovery mode is basically a troubleshooting step to recover your phone in case it is locked up and you’ve forgotten your password or you’re unable to boot to the home screen. In such a case of boot issue, If you’re able to boot in safe mode that means some app is causing trouble so you can uninstall, boot into normal mode. But in case you’re locked up or phone is not booting up in Safe mode, then the next resort should be recovery mode to perform a factory reset.

To boot in recovery mode turn off the phone. Press Volume Down + Power Key and keep them pressed till you see “Recovery Mode” on screen. Now you’ll be in Android system recovery with a list of options. You can perform Factory Reset via 3rd option i.e “Wipe data/factory reset”.

LG Tribute 2 LS665 Download Mode – Volume Up Key

July 21, 2016 51710 PM GMT+0530

If all the basic troubleshooting steps Fail, i.e Soft Reset, Safe Mode & Factory Reset then the only resort is to Flash back your Tribute 2 to Factory State via Stock ROM. To flash a stock ROM, first, you’ve to boot in Download Mode.

To boot in Download Mode, Turn off you tribute 2, keep the volume down key pressed and Plug in your Cellphone to PC via USB Data Cable. A Download Mode screen will flash and you’ll be taken to “Firmware Update” page. Now you’re in Download mode and ready to flash stock ROM to recover your LS665.

I’ve tried all the above Key Combos and Shortcuts on LG Tribute 5 as well and they all worked. So it must be applicable to at least other LG Prepaid Android phones from Sprint network, including Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. If I’ve forgotten some Key Combo/Shortcut, please let me know via the comment section below.


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