LG Tribute 2 LS665 – How to Screenshot and Other Useful Key Combos

NOTE – These Key Combos are applicable to LG Tribute 5 Ls675 as well

Like most of the current Android phones, LG Tribute 2 has three hardware keys, i.e volume up, volume down and power. Are you aware they are capable of much more than their designated function? They can work as a shortcut to launch the camera or quick memo. When pressed in combination, can assist you in capturing a screenshot or booting into recovery mode to perform a factory reset etc. Let’s check out all the useful tricks which these 3 hardware keys are capable of –

How to Capture Screenshot in LG Tribute 2 LS665 – Volume Down + Power

July 14, 2016 93125 AM GMT+0530

To take a screenshot, press Volume Down and Power button simultaneously. You have to be real quick to capture a screenshot. Keep the keys pressed till the screenshot is captured. It will be saved in Gallery.

Tribute 2  Ls665 Camera Shortcut – Volume Down (Twice)

July 21, 2016 51635 PM GMT+0530

Many times it happens that there is a Camera moment, but by the time we launch the app, the moment is lost. As there is no dedicated camera key in Tribute 2, the camera cannot be opened in one single press.
So in Tribute 2 and other latest LG androids, LG has added a shortcut to launch the camera without unlocking or waking up the screen.

To launch camera viewfinder, press the volume down key twice (you’ve to be real quick), either when the phone is locked or in sleep mode.

LS665 Quick Memo Shortcut – Volume Up (Twice)

July 21, 2016 51710 PM GMT+0530

Sometimes it happens, that you’ve to note down something quickly such as a phone number or some important data and you start fiddling with pen and paper or searching the memo app on your phone to launch it quickly and note down the data. Well LG knows how important is a quick access to this Memo app.

The shortcut to launch it with the screen locked or in Sleep Mode is – Quickly pressing the Volume Up key Twice.

LG Tribute 2 stuck at “Configuring Your Phone” – Volume Up + Volume Down + Power

July 20, 2016 40725 PM GMT+0530

It happened to me so it may happen with you as well. While doing the initial setup, my Tribute 5 was not activated on Boost Mobile network, so I was stuck at “Configuring your phone” with no option anywhere on the screen to move forward.

The solution to this is Pressing Volume Up, Down and Power key at the same time. Now an option to skip step will be visible on the screen.

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