LG Tribute 5 Hands Free Activation – How to disable

You must be aware of Hands Free Activation popup if you’ve used Sprint service before. As I got my LG Tribute 5 Boost Mobile (Sprint’s Prepaid Service), I turned it ON without activating it on Boost Mobile. Even after bypassing the activation screen, on every restart i had to face this annoying pop-up. It’s an automated activation process which will keep on bothering you, till you get your phone activated.

As I unlocked my LG Tribute 5 for GSM, i was not interested in activating it on Boost Mobile. If you’re also interested in using LG Tribute 5 as a GSM phone, but at the same time want to get rid of this Hands Free Activation Screen, follow the Step by Step Tutorial below –

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You can see the popup starts running on every restart and stays there for some time without allowing you to do anything in the background.

Before following the Tutorial below, first thing is to get your LG Tribute 5 rooted and the second thing is to install Shortcut Master Lite App. You can download its apk file from Play Store or via below download link


Tutorial – How to Deactivate Hands Free Activation Popup in LG Tribute 5 


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Install Shortcut Master Lite & run it.

You’ll notice an icon on right-hand top, click on it. Now among the listed options, click on “Search”.

A search bar will open towards the bottom of the screen. Type iot.ltesetting and hit Search.

Now you’ll see the first option as “Service Programu” select it.

A popup will appear with the first option as “Launch” click on it

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If a root access prompt appears on screen, select “Allow”.

It will take you to “LTE setting” page.

Over here we have to change the Operation Mode from “Production Network” to “Lab network” as visible in the 3rd screenshot above.

On selecting “Lab Network” phone will reboot and when it’ll turn back on, there’ll be no hands free activation popup anymore. Moreover, this hack enables Tethering in your LG Tribute 5 . If  it was not visible  before, Look again you’ll find it between “Call” and “More” in Settings.

If you face any issue or want to share other useful hacks, please do share it via the comment section below.


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  1. Hey thanks this worked and all but my phone won’t get any mobile data…i sim unlocked it to a mexican sim i dont know if thats the problem but can you please help me out on getting data…thanks

  2. Thanks. Worked on Boost mobile LG Tribute 5. Had to make a small change due to typo
    “iot.ltestting” must be “iot.ltesetting”

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